Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Singapore Mayhem and Aragon Deluge thru the Looking Glass...

Otay, like I said earlier somewheres' here upon No Fenders; Hmm, where'd I-T go? It was somewhat odd actually sitting down 'N watching a Formula 1 race for the first time in seven-plus weeks... As I only became awares that there was another Grand Prix occurring whilst checking my telephone news service at the relatively late hour of 11PM-ish Saturday night and OH SHIT! Looks like I'll be getting up at Oh DARK 30 again!

Arising sleepily at 4:25AM Pacific; Hey,  what's 5hrs 'O sleep for a Diehard F1 Aficionado, eh? Especially after having been totally devoid of ANY motor racing for nearly four weeks now, since that totally impromptu blast of a trip to Sonoma!

Thus, I sat there in the dark with the glow "O thy Telescreen listening to the Peacock-lite (NBCSN) Booth Boyz, i.e.; Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett catching me up on the latest Formula 1 dribble.

Hence, obviously I was totally unawares' of what's been dubbed :"Radio Ga Ga," where the F1 teams are now banned from coaching their drivers on how to drive their respective mounts, in order to prevent them from becoming "Monkeys," a phrase I believe 'Ol Bloody 'Nige (Mansell) once muttered? Or have they really been banned?

Naturally I was disheartened over 'Brittany's  DNF, due to an 'E-lectrics issue which saw Nico Rosberg lose his points lead to title protagonist, thy young "Louise 'JAGUAR" Hamilton. As Mercedes really needs to do something toot sweet about its mounting unreliability! Since I'd ARSE-sume everybody would like to see the Merc' duo battle for the title On-track Mano e Mano!

As I cannot say it was the greatest race ever, but nonetheless, I found it very surreal that I  was suddenly rootin' for "TWINKEYBOY!" (Seb' Vettel) to actually win his first race of the year, although I knew his chances were slim, especially with his 'Uber worn rubber... As Hamilton's Merc' was on fresh Pirelli's while Vettel had even disagreed over the radio with his team's strategy on making his tyres last to the end, for which he was dually pipped for victory by Hamilton's Panzerwagon.

Yet Vettel did manage to scrape home in second place, ahead of his "Junior Birdman;" Err Wingman Daniel 'Ricky Ricciardo! Whilst Ferrari's Raging Bull "Fredrico Suave" (Fernando Alonso) drug his Ferrari F14T by the scruff "O its neck to another Top-5 finish, winding up P4. And Alonso's ex-Wingman Felipe Massa capped off the front running quintet, with a fine fifth place finish.

Meanwhile Felipe's more exalted team-mate Valtteri Bottas was in line to give Team Willy' a Double points finish, shadowing Massa in sixth before his totally knackered Pirelli rubber went whoosh, causing the Finn to drop to 11th! Yet Williams managed to reclaim third place in the Constructors championship, opening up a nine-point gap over Ferrari en route to Japan. (187-178)

(After Singapore )
1) Lewis Hamilton           241
2) Nico Rosberg               238
3) Daniel Ricciardo          181

And have I reminded Y'all lately how I don't "tape"  nothin' NO mores since scramblin' my 'Ol School recording device this past January, which meant I'd need to get up either at 5AM Pacific to watch just the Aragon MotoGP round or 4AM to watch the replay of the previous
San Marino race, which I'd missed whilst in Florence, Oregon.

Even though I'd  set the alarm clock for 3:57AM; (Pacific) SHEISA! I ended up shutting it OFF before shooting I-T; Hooah! Since it was simply too FREAKIN' Bloody early in the morning to get up 'N stare at thy Telescreen in the DARK!

Hmm? I'll catch the replay; NOPE! Couldn't find any re-airing on FS1 (Fox Sports 1) since after all, College Football replays are more DAMN important, right?

Ok, I'll just listen to the results via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service... Started with the Indianapolis Star; NOPE! 'Whale then, surely the Minneapolis Star Tribune will have I-T, right? WRONG; WTF?

Ok, surely The Guardian will have it posted; buuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... GO FISH! Guess I'll try Reuters; WRONGO AGAIN! Otay, I'm getting desperate here, so I'll check out the London Telegraph instead; BBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Seattle Times, anybody? Bueler, Bueler? Oh Never Mind!

As the first newspaper to recap the wet 'N wild race was the Monday's edition of the New Zealand Herald; CRIKEYS MATES! As I'm not sure what's worse; Marc Marquez having now gone winless the past three races or is I-T four now? Or the overall lack of reporting on MotoGP, with Reuters finally stepping up to the plate only after The Doctor's concussion... As apparently it was a truly wacky race due to the precipitation, which saw eventual race winner George Lorenzo correctly switching onto his wet-tyres bike!