Monday, October 6, 2014

F1: Bianchi's condition Critical, De Cesaris Dies on Eve of De Villota's anniversary...

Having elected to watch the Sunday's re-airing of the Japanese Grand Prix, I was on a self imposed virtual News "Blackout," and hence, sat in shock at the horrific crash at races end that Jules Bianchi endured under atrocious conditions caused by Typhoon Phanfone that the FIA and race promoter Honda were unwilling to work around schedule-wise!

Even though these  days I cannot see the Telescreen clearly, I knew it was a BAD accident just from the lack of pictures, sounds and  comments coming from the broadcast, with only NBCSN's Steve Matchett asking "Is that a stretcher I see?" Before he seemingly was cut off quickly...

And when nobody could ascertain where the Marussia chassis was! Although as soon as they said the word crane, I almost began crying, because that is a NO win situation pitting Formula 1 racecar vs. stationary mobile crane; *FUCK@@!*

As Adam  Cooper's story (above) denotes that indeed Monsieur  Bianchi's Marussia went underneath the crane and the roll hoop suffered damage leading to Bianchi being extricated unconscious and since having had emergency head surgery!

Hopefully the lack of the mandatory medical helicopter which wasn't able to take Jules from the scene, presumably due to the deteriorating weather conditions, will not pay any part in  his overall condition or  recovery! A la Michael Schumacher reportedly being taken to the wrong hospital initially - as below is more details of the crash along with many photographs...

As ironically it was Leigh Diffey reminding us of Martin 'BillyBob Brundle's bizarre accident 20yrs ago at Suzuka where he collided with an errant safety vehicle - for which I  seem to recall one of the corner workers ended up with a broken leg!

As Bianchi's condition immediately makes me think of Felipe Massa's accident when Rubens Barrichello's Honda's rear spring struck him in the head! As ironically both drivers share the same manager and obviously I'm hoping for the same positive outcome!

While naturally, A-L-L of the drivers are united in their concern over Bianchi's health, as I found it somewhat callus 'N surreal that the organizers played the victory celebration  champagne spray theme music during an obviously somber time...

Then, whilst still in appall over the day's outcome, as a chill was still running down my spine in regards to Bianchi's life threatening condition, when searching the various F1 websites for updates I came upon the news that ex-Formula 1 driver Andrea De Cesaris had died in Rome due to a motorcycle accident.

AND ALTHOUGH I cannot ever say I've had anything flattering to say about the Italian driver, as we always called him "DE CRASHERIS!" Nonetheless my favourite memory of him is when 'Ol EJ' (Eddie Jordan) couldn't find him for relief duty  at Jordan 'cause he'd given up on F1 in order  to go play golf instead!

And lastly, as my original title was to be Strange Days Indeed! There are two further ironies or whatever Y'all wish to call 'em items related to the Bianchi incident. As firstly, he drives for Marussia, who in NO way will be celebrating racing on "Home Soil" this coming weekend.

Secondly, in a post I've been scurrying to "put-to-bed" for the forthcoming Russian Grand Prix, in regards to one of its rising stars who drives for Emilio de Villota Motorsport, the one year anniversary of Emilio's daughter Maria de Villota's death from injuries sustained whilst testing for Marussia occurs Tuesday, October 14th...

As obviously Vettel's move to Ferrari, the outcome of the race, who leads the points standings and where Alonso goes seem overly meaningless!

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