Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Typhoon, What Typhoon?

First of all, I must say that I spent the past weekend mesmerized by Typhoon Phanfone and her intended destruction swirling down upon Suzuker! And not the race itself so much, although still curious over how the 'Mega scrum between the Merc' Boyz would go.

And it's easy for Mwah to "Monday Morning Quarterback" the events, especially from the warmth 'N comfort 'O my 'Mum's basement Stateside; Uhm, turn the HEAT on Mum; Hya! (So much for dialing back thy amount 'O scribblin' here in Nofendersville; Geez, and I don't even get paid for A-L-L of this!)

Thus, going A-L-L wackoid intra-body sleep-wise; Hey, 'Hobbo, you're complaining 'bout the race-times being too early; BUTT! I'm completely screwed the other way, staying UP into thy 'Wee hours each night, as I wanted to know what Y'all would have to say over "TWINKIEBOY" (Seb' Vettel) running away to la Scuderia before switching off at the end of Qualie's Q1 session...

Watching the entire Qualie show's replay Saturday, my mind was more upon the typhoon, along with Vettel's surprise move than the results  themselves, albeit naturally happy that 'Brittany (Nico Rosberg) had triumphed over thy young "Louise 'JAGUAR" (Hamilton) for Pole with Valtteri Bottas taking another excellante third place.

Yet what really got my Goat was thy 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) breaking in to tell us that Typhoon Phanfone had just been upgraded to Super Typhoon status, i.e.; sustained winds above 150mph; SHEISA! Along with the words Structural Damage being repeatedly bandied about and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed! Why aren't we moving the race's starting time at least forward on Sunday?

Hello Mr. E, we'd like to change the TV Broadcast time on Sunday; Herroe, Herroe? Hmm? The line went DEAD!

Having been to Suzuka Circuito twice, including Twenty-oh-Four's encounter with a typhoon, I still remember vividly walloping in the mud whilst trying not to step upon any of the rabid Japanese fans tarplined seating areas that they hover over fanatically the entire weekend!

Yet after falling on my Keister while locals looked on in amusement, I simply walked upon them instead whilst trying to slither along the fence-line above the track!

thus, I was in 100% agreement with Messer Buxton when he said on camera he had ZERO% empathy for the promoters; as the fans have been there since 8AM Sunday morning in order to NOT miss a single bit of action and they (the promoter's, nee Honda) were offered a minimum of two chances to change the race's start time! Uh, NO Will, you're being kind, as the fans most likely have been there since 8AM Friday!

And I just couldn't believe that Formula 1 was going to let this MADNESS occur... Oh wait a minute, I almost forgot its Uncle Bernaughty's show; FUCK! Recalling how the Hungarian Grand Prix MUST GO ON! Even when the Danube River was FLOODING precariously close by the race  track! (A few years ago...)

So I waited up 'til 10:30PM Pacific (Saturday night) to watch the Pre-race  show, along with the start which seemed muddled at best, as  "Peacock-lite" (NBCSN) came back from another annoying commercial break with the cars  circulating behind the Safety Car for 9-laps; the race having started this way before being summarily Red-flagged for Yuhs guessed I-T; RAIN! As why did this remind me of the time I sat up 'til 3AM thru an endless RAIN delay at the Korean Grand Prix; SHEISA!

Staying up 'til midnight (Saturday) before tuning out, opting to watch the replay Sunday afternoon instead... The whole time thinking if ANY Fans  DIE  because of this insistence to keep everythingy Hunky Dory for television's sake, i.e.; almighty Dinero! Then, well I really cannot say what I'm thinking here, eh!

While I'm loathe to scribble 'bout the quirkiness of the medical helicopter, Bianchi's replacement or the lack of news coverage upon the ravaging typhoon's after effects...

As I pity A-L-L of the fans who'll need to get home or hunkered down somewheres before Mrs. Phanfone arrives! Along with pitying everyone trying to slog their way somewheres in the DARK, COOL, WET 'N GLOOMY WEATHER!

But Hey! The Show Must GO On! As I feel sorry for all of the lad's needing to pack up Bernie's circus, deliver it on-time to the Airports and hope it all gets out safely, most notably A-L-L of the team's personnel, along with the countless reporters, camera people, etc, as  what a FUCKING NIGHTMARE!


U.S. airman dead, 2 missing as TyphoonPhanfone slams Japan


Only three American Servicemen killed? Ah, a typical news report, with NO mention of locals, only our vaunted military, while nearly 10,000 homes are without power, which if that's all, then Japan got off lightly!