Friday, October 31, 2014

A few Belated IndyCar Halloween Handouts...

Yeah, Trick's on Y'all, since Yuhs probably already know this; but! Just haven't had time to run to thee grocery store to purchase some goodies for  Y'all; Hooah! Err post these morsels on Ye Bloggenspotten; Ja-Ja!

Hence, definitely on the Treats side was the overly known, but  good news nevertheless of thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown's new ride for 2015 at Schmidt, Hamilton, Peterson & Co. Uhm, Vanna I'd like to get some candy instead of a vowel please; Hya!

While unfortunately on 'Duh Tricks side is the apparent departure of one of Indy Car's truly GOOD GUYS! A.k.a. Ryan Briscoe, who seemingly is being frozen out of his No. 8 Target ride for next year, albeit not official yet, but it seems Sage Karum's the future here instead of Briscoe, who'd make an excellent team-mate anywhere else, as I sincerely hope  he lands a decent IndyCar ride for '15!