Friday, October 31, 2014

Formula One's version of Trick or Treat!

Look Ma! It's Uncle Bernaughty and he doesn't even need a  costume! (Image source:
Yeah, Y'all knew Somme-thun' was coming right? As I was home late One Night working in the Lab; Err spending way TOO mucho time on Der 'Confuzer crafting fine 'lil yarns like this for Y'all; Hya!

Alas, what better way to spend Halloween than by taking in thee pinnacle  'O motorsport, nee Formula 1 in Austin, Texas, which is exactly what your humble No Fenders scribe is doing right now; Yeehaw!

And although I'd guess that the sport is hugely overshadowed by the horrendous Jules Bianchi crash at Suzuka, nonetheless, there's another frightening issue gripping F1 right now...

What is wrong with this picture?

And obviously, I've changed my tune, since I've attended A-L-L three F1 races (to date) at Circuit Of The Americas, which arguably is my Numero Uno  favourite track right now!  Nonetheless, I was rightly PEEVED with Formula 1 and the sport in general when being RAPED over ticket prices for the inaugural USGP!

Yet obviously Uncle Bernaughty, nee Mr. Bernard Ecclestone DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT! Over some two-bit 'Vurd Botcherer's opinion, chequebook or wallet! I  mean, like you're just a lowly Blogger, so Bugger Off!

And while scuttlebutt suggests that as many as three current F1 Constructors  could be in serious financial trouble, as Cost Capping is still a dirty word; it seems F1, FOM and the FIA would be wise to listen to thy 'Wee Willie buxom's (Will Buxton( thoughts offered in;

Then again, Formula One isn't about the Fans, never has been, nor will I-T be! As obviously the Trick's upon us, the paying attendees, as Bernie's definitely getting his Treat, as the article below exposes just how lucrative the US-Mexico races are alone over the duration of their contracts... Which doesn't even factor in what a new "European" Grand Prix garners these days...