Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Musical TV Channels...

For those of Yuhs who watch Formula 1, you may already know that this weekend's "Monn-nockoe" (Monaco) Grand Prix, held upon the city streets of the Principality in Monte Carlo eschews the normal three day F1 format by holding opening day practice on Thursday instead of Friday.

Also be aware that the race on Sunday will be aired upon NBC instead of its 'lil Peacock-lite 'Seester NBCSN who'll be hosting the Pre-race show before Y'all will need to switchover to its Big Brother network.

Meanwhile as traditional, ABC will be airing its 50th year of "The Greatest Spectale in Motor Racing," the Indianapolis 500 Sunday morning, which Y'all can watch after the F1 race from Monaco, while I won't say nothing 'bout that Roundy-round race Kurt Busch will be tryin' to make at Charlotte after his first race at Mother Speedway later that night, except that I hope he does pull off thee Double...

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