Friday, May 9, 2014

Comcast + Neutrality? Hardly!

In case Y'all haven't heard, not only is comca$t planning on taking over; Err mergifying with Time Warner Cable, making the No's 1 & 2 cable behemoths into the nation's A-L-L Mighty cable company; but!

Gee Wally, guess who's leading the way to wipe out Net Neutrality, Yuhs know where WE all have access to the same speed on the Internetz! And please do NOT try telling me of how the current FCC Commissioner, a former Lobbyist is looking out for us with the new rules; SPEW! As perhaps he'll soon be  joining comca$t's burgeoning cast of ex-FCC members bought by the cable behemoth...

Yet comca$t, who wishes to become the Overlords of the "Fair & Balanced" Internetz; ACK! Simply wishes to usurp another nebulous giant known here at No Fenders fondly as thee "gOOglemunster," nee Google, as these two BASTARD Conglomerates attempt ruling the information world...

Oh, and not only are our friends comca$t who own NBCSN involved in the quashing of Net Neutrality, but also our title sponsor Verizon, as I've already lamented the comca$t Time Warner merger in;

I mean SHIT! If our cable,  internet and cell phone bills aren't HIGH enough yet, just think how much MORE will be getting shafted in order to have reasonable speed/delivery over the Internetz, not to mention our Smartfone's and PDA devices Ja Volt!

Can You Hear Me Now Indeed?