Thursday, May 22, 2014

INDY 500: A Most Popular 2013 Winner!

The legendous' three time Indy 500 winner 'Uncle Bobby (Unser) poses with Tomaso in the Flagroom in 2012. (The Tomaso Collection)

Welcome to the third (and final) installment of my now yearly “Pump You Up!” Past year’s recollections of another weekend’s outing to Mother Speedway - of which I swore I wouldn't wait 'til six months afterwards to try recollectin' a la the year prior but alas, Y'all know what they say: "Time Flies when You're having Fun," eh? Especially here at Nofendersville... And thus I'm trying to do this 'Juan nearly a year later, an hence, it'll be a Quickie' - along with concluding these yearly rants for awhile, as it'll be most STRANGE NOT being at Mother Speedway this May...

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Thurs, 5/23
This year’s flight departure wasn’t as brutal as Twenty-twelve’s was, albeit cannot say I got my usual dosage ‘O sleep thee night before, once again having awoken before the DAMN-2-EARLY Alarm Clock was scheduled to go off... Having arose at four-bleepin’ thirty-seven AM, as my Shuttle was scheduled to arrive between 6-6:20AM for the day’s frivolities of  Aeroplane traveling.

So after the usual bumpin' and bangin' of today's typical "Cattle Car Shuffle," especially with the rigours of A-L-L of my 'Handlers, etc, I was left Uh-waitin' the arrival of No Fenders 'Offical Photographer 'CARPETS; think I was left in the wheelchair in front of the empty Harley Davidson motorcycle store; Hmm? Yuhs know the economy's B-A-D if the Harley Davidson store goes out of business inside the airport, right?

Thus after picking up my luggage, we made our typical Beeline over to our favourite waterin' hole, fondly known as thee Flagroom, but alas; the FlagRoom's closing; Huh?

As we nonchalantly walked into the Bar, the lone waitress says: Y’all aren’t ordering from the kitchen? It closes in five minutes, as it was 7:55PM, and there was some comment made ‘bout the Bar closing too; WTF? As for one of the few rare times I spoke for my Host extraordinaire Dave, Dave's NOT HERE; Oh Never Mind! ('CARPETS) By saying NO THANXS! We’re outta here, as yeah, actually I’m looking for an unrushed dinner after spending A-L-L FREAKIN’ DAY being jostled about on Aeroplanes... As this was to be our first taste of Starship HC’s (Hulman & Co) blatant disregard towards its loyal paying customers over the entire Indy 500 weekend!

As what a difference one year makes, eh? Although I knew that thee legendous' "Dr. Who" wouldn’t be joining us, what a stark comparison to spending a pleasant Thursday evening in the Flagroom, eating, drinking, being merry and Talkin’ Smart with Buddy! (Lazier) and Tim Wardrop vs. this year’s kick in the ARSE sorry we’re closed for business routine; SHEISA!

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)

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