Thursday, March 21, 2013

St Pete Entry list...

Spotted this over at the ‘G-Man’s Blogsite 16th & Georgetown, with the only mild surprise being  ‘BIA’s (Ana "Bia" Beatriz Caselato Gomes de Figueiredo) name penciled in for the No. 18 Dale Coyne Racing entry, which hopefully will be a full season ride for the affable Brazilian Femme Fatale Piloto, which gives each engine supplier one lone female apiece, as it would be nice to see both women turn many a head by both running near the sharp end of the grid this season.

Meanwhile, sadly Ryan Briscoe appears to be out of an IndyCar ride for the foreseeable future, as perhaps the affable ‘Aussie will at least show up at Indianapolis this year and perhaps return full time in 2014? Otherwise I guess eh’ll be off to the land of sports Cars?

Y’all can catch the season opener this Sunday at 9AM PACIFIC on NBCSN - which they’d better NOT give away the F1 race results since I plan  upon gorging myself upon six hours of ‘Telie by watching the Malaysian GP re-broadcast immediately after the St. Pete IndyCar race...

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