Monday, March 4, 2013

The Other Wallace...

Did Y’all see ‘DW Junior race Friday night at ‘DayToner in duh ‘PickemUp Trucks race? Y’all know where I think somebody named Danica was on Pole? What, you mean there’s other drivers competing at Daytona? Hya!

As this story has held my attention for a little while as the New York Times recently proclaimed that Darrell Wallace Jr. NO relation to Kenny; Hya! Is only the fourth black driver to contest a full season ride in NASCAR, following in the footsteps of Wendell Scott, Willy T. Ribbs and Bill Lester.

Thus I had to break down ‘N watch the Trucks race to see how Wallace Jr. and my other driver “Nielsen  Pickett,” aka Nelson Piquet Jr. faired.

But alas, not only did I NOT watch the ‘DannicaTona, but! I forgot to watch ‘Dem PickemUp Trucks, albeit I hear that Wallace Jnr. Had a pretty decent rookie debut...

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