Monday, March 4, 2013

Gone Green Sea Turtles spotting!

Stealing a page from Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward’s playbook, I’ve decided to go upon another holiday during the buildup to the fast approaching 2013 Formula 1 Season Opener Down Under; which remember will be on the NBC Sports Network this year Stateside - so you’d better bug your cable provider now if Y’all don’t have I-T!

Therefore, your humble No Fenders scribe should be cavorting ‘bout the White Sands beach upon thee B-I-G Island right now, or more likely bobbing like a cork in the warm blue Pacific ocean; CRIKEYS! Hey what can I say? It pays to have friends & family in high places, right?

Thus, I won’t have any free time to catch-up upon the continuing F1 Winter Olympics testing in Barcelona, ‘DragonGate or IndyCar Spring Training at thee ‘Barber’s... Leaving Y’all with a few more elongated posts whilst I’m hoping not to step on any ‘Cammo Sea Turtles tanning themselves upon the beaches, as now all I need is Juan ‘O them drinks with the funny ‘lil umbrellas...