Friday, June 12, 2009

Will the real 2010 F1 Teams please Stand Up!

Whale I don’t know about Y’all, but! This has to be one of thee most topsy-turvy Formula 1 seasons ever... Not only due to the radical rules revisions turning the conventional pecking order upside down, with BRAWN GP’s total mockery of the “Big Four:” BMW Sauber, Ferrari, McLaren and Renault...

But along with Sir Maxxum’s steadfastness over the impending installation of the 2010 Budget Cap Formulae; whilst Emperor Bernardo quietly sits in the background counting his millions, as I found it most revealing when David Hobbs pointed out the absurdity of it all,

As everybody’s being asked to slash their costs, throw people out on their ears, yet the cost of hosting a Grand Prix is going UP instead of down... As Hobbo’ pointed out that the Hungarian GP organizers would be force to pay an increase in yearly hosting fees from $21m to $36m (Approx.) as the CVC Bankers, Bernie ‘N Max are loathe to lose any of their residual income in the future and are apparently intent upon wrecking the sport once known as F1?

So just who are the potential players on this day of reckoning? As deadline for entries into the 2010 Formula 1 Season were due upon May 29th and are set to be revealed (Provisionally?) today.

Well, there’s the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) with eight of its current ten 2009 F1 Team Members (BMW Sauber, BRAWN GP, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Renault, Toro Rosso and Toyota) having posted conditional entries based upon reverting back to this year’s rules package instead of MAD Max Mosley’s Budget Handicapping Formulae... As Williams has now been joined by Force India in filing an unconditional entry for the 2010 season, breaking ranks with their FOTA brethren... As Max ‘N Bernie seek once again to crush all opposition, i.e.; FOTA, as the two Henchmen seek to drive a wedge between these Constructors.

And then there’s the New Kids on the Block, seeking entry into the exclusive Formula One Fraternity, whilst perceivably squabbling over a potential two or three new grid slots up for grabs...

As the three most promising teams appear to be the much ballyhooed USF1, Err USGPE entity of Ken Anderson & Peter Winsor alongside David Richards Prodrive operation, with Lola bringing up the rear?

Meanwhile the remaining “Supposed” entries run the gambit of true potential entrants to the inevitable “Paper Tigers...” As there are supposedly entries from: Brabham Grand Prix Team, Campos Racing, Epsilon Euskadi, Lightspeed/Team Lotus, Manor Motorsport, March, SuperFund and Wirth Research.

Thus, Its interesting to note that reportedly both USGPE and Lightspeed have already put down deposits for supply of Cosworth V-8 Lumps for next year’s Championship, while speculation suggest that Prodrive could be renewing its association with McLaren and Mercedes Benz? While we all eagerly await the revealing of the proposed 2010 F1 Entry list...

As I’m pondering if Sir Maxxum will be so bold to preclude the heavy hitters from this list in order to try continuing to make the FOTA bow to his every wish? Would the FOTA really start-up a Break-away league after the tumultuous results of the past CART-IRL Split? Or will common sense prevail.

As I’m suddenly stuck pondering whether or not I’d watch Formula 1 if BMW, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Toyota walked away...

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  1. The F1 circus seems to be dragging a lot of elephant poo behind it these days, and I agree that Max & Bernie seem to be oblivious to the whole issue of keeping the sport vibrant. I must admit that I would watch the series if the bigs wind up on the outside, but I suspect it would be a shabby spectacle of blown engines, spinning cars and bizarre sponsor logos. Wait... that actually sounds like riveting television! BTW, many thanks for the really funny diary of your I500 journey. Sadly I've not been to the track for the race since '94 when those crazy Penske MB stock blocks screamed down the front straight at 245mph... AWESOME. Keep up the great blog!