Friday, June 19, 2009

Postcard from the Med

Recently I received an email transmission from aboard the HMS Pinafore, Err Carnival Cruise liner from Maria Antoinette... A.k.a. Katherine who was sailing about the “Med” in search of Sunshine and Solitude from our dreary Pacific Northwest...

Well, I don’t have time to check your No Fenders blog, but I imagine you have a word or two to say about the two tiered system F1 is proposing that’s pissing off Ferrari among others. Sounds like plain old cost cutting perhaps disguised as something else? It’s getting a fair amount of coverage over here. There was a rally of little vin-vins, as William calls them, in the Azores when I was there. Lots of goofy looud little matchbox cars with sponsorship plastered on them. But we didn’t get to dock in Portimao due to rough seas, so I can’t report on cars there. But I’ll look for that hairpin turn in Monte Carlo.

As perhaps all of this has blown over by now with the recent announcement on June 12th of the FIA 2010 Formula 1 Entry list, eh? Ah but just what did those two highly paid athletes at the Scuderia say? And would they really go against the Prancing Horse’s Company lines? Nah!

What Kimi and Felipe think... (Whale Sorta, May be? NOT!)

Meanwhile I’m still awaiting my Rascasse Corner Hairpin Postcard that was accidently sent to Auntie Harriet instead...