Monday, June 8, 2009

Lost in Translation

Recently, of all places... While in Speedway, Indiana and no less then on AM1070 THE FAN’s Krabitz ‘N Eddie Radio Show, it was mentioned how the era of Customer Service has profoundly disappeared forever...

Thus with this in mind, I found it somewhat irksome, that first my Hotel clerks were quick to simply answer “YES” to all of my questions, as I’ve now found this to also be true with my current attempt to get my Old Fashioned “Koda-chrome” developed.

As apparently I’m really outta the loop on this Digital Camera revolution... Since I’ve fallen afoul of the once per week Film development schedule... Having dropped off my roll of 29 exposures on May 28th and being told they’d most likely be back on the following Tuesday/Wednesday... So imagine my surprise when on Wednesday afternoon I was told they’re still not back, but most likely by Thursday. So, I was even more surprised to learn upon Saturday morning they’re still NOT in Sir; you’ll wanna check back in on Tuesday, as you must have missed our delivery schedule of every Tuesday morning... And thus they sat for a week before being sent out... You’ve gotta be kidding, eh?

And thus, my very elaborate Surviving Indy story will be lacking some shots taken by Danny in the Garages whilst awaiting their overly LONG arrival!

And do NOT even get me started upon my recent win-DOUGHS internets EXPLODER V8 Shenanigans...