Monday, February 19, 2007

Racing Mounties

Ah, the pomp ‘N circumstance of another press release. Yet this time the noise makers are Up North, eh? This has to do with Champ Car returning to a very old haunt, none other than Circuit Mont-Tremblant after a nearly four decade’s hiatus.

And perhaps Champ Car should be holding this event on Boxing Day instead of Canada Day weekend as ironically Normand Legault is one of the partners promoting the event.

You may recall that Legault is Bernie Ecclestone’s “whipping boy” of the frozen tundra. You see, Legault is the promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix along with the now defunct Molson Indy Champ Car event held on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Legault was implicated in the Champ Car lawsuit claiming breech of contract and overdue payments, upon Legault purposely scuttling the Champ Car event in favour of a RASSCAR Busch Series race. Ironically the Mont-Tremblant event replaces Montreal…

This is why I found it so damm hilarious that Champ Car is now in “cahoots” with the turncoat promoter. Interestingly there’s NO mention of Champ Cars acrimonious dealing with the diabolical henchman in their press release.

Yet perhaps that’s why Messer’s Kalkhoven and Forsythe shied away from the Montreal press conference and sent “Bully Boy” (Paul) Gentilozzi as their series spokesman instead...

“Blame Canada!”