Monday, February 19, 2007

Da Matta Interview

Although most of the current media focus has been upon the recently completed Champ Car test at Houston. In case you’ve been wondering how Cristiano Da Matta’s recovery has been progressing lately, then you’ll want to check out David Phillips commentary, Same Old Da Matta.

And although Da Matta hasn’t been cleared to drive a race car yet, he’s definitely retained his sense of humor. Talking about the incident with the deer at Road America, Da Matta quips that there’s likely zero deers roaming the pavement in Las Vegas…

Da Matta is thinking about attending this year’s inaugural Vegas Grand Prix after his friend Oriol Servia suggested it to him. So hopefully we’ll see Da Matta’s smiling face while being interviewed by the DUDLEY DUO ‘O Rick “Insert $ponsor’s Name Here” Benjamin and Derr-wreck Daily…

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