Friday, February 16, 2007

Mikey’s Moonshine

I’m not sure what’s worse… The fact that I actually bothered to search for news about “Little DW’s” funny smelling fluid’s or the fact that I’m writing once again about “RASSCAR.”

But you have to admit that it’s pretty damm funny how much media attention has been thrown on the 800lb Gorilla racing series over the rash of incidents involving various teams CHEATING…

And after 4 cars were caught during qualifying the past weekend, comes word now that Michael “Squeaky Clean” Waltrip has just been busted for using an ILLEGAL fuel additive in hopes of boosting performance. The unknown fluids were discovered when tech inspectors removed Walt rip’s intake manifold…

Waltrip claims he’s innocent yet has just incurred the rath of “RASSCAR: by earning the largest monetary fine in series history along with the second most point’s penalty…

And speaking of Toyota, both of the Team Red Bull cars didn’t make the “big show.” So AJ Almendinger and Brian Vickers aren’t off to the best of starts for the 2007 season.

And to think that Jack Roush was so afraid of Toyota outspending everybody in RASSCAR that he sold half of his team to the ownership of the Boston Red Sox (Fennway Sports Group) for 50 million dollars.

Makes you wonder what the Hierarchy in Tokyo is thinking right now about their RASSCAR and Formula 1 programs. (Since Williams seems to be outpacing the factory for the moment)

Meanwhile the leading candidate for Rookie of the yeark, “MAC” Montoya actually led his Twin 150 qualifying race briefly before wheel bearings burnt up and sent MAC hard into the wall, tearing off a front fender.

And I love it! Now comes word that Jeffery “Pretty Boy” Gordon’s car has just been found ILLEGAL after winning his Twin 150 race, which keeping in line with RASSCAR’s new bullish view on CHEATING should see “Pretty Boy” docked a ton of points along with the sixth crew chief being suspended… I guess “Racin Really is Rubbin!”

Makes you wonder if this has always been the state of RASSCAR or if the temptation to CHEAT has simply escalated due to the mountain ‘O “greenbacks” currently involved…


  1. You have a cranial anal inversion. You have only part of an idea of what really is going on in NASCAR........ NASCAR is racing just like F-1 or rally or any other forum of racing. I could be negitive too..... F-1 cars are nothing more than an over glorified go cart.

    I find it odd how "MAC" is having a hard time trying win a race..... An you hold F-1 drivers in high reguard. Any kid can drive a stuck go cart, but it takes a man to drive a loose stock car.

  2. Intersting point regarding MAC. How come he can't win easily in NASCAR?

  3. I think somebody's trying to get my goat? And although you're partially correct about RASSCAR being a race series... You're definately OFF Kilter in regards to Formula 1 being nothing more than overstuffed go karts.

  4. When a NASCAR driver can get into an F-1 and be within a few tenths of a second of the track record, and a F-1 driver gets into a NASCAR, and can't keep the thing off the grass, that says a lot about F-1 drivers. They are used to Go Cart racing. Cars that are stuck to the asphalt. NASCAR's are loose, they slide around more, they require more skill to drive.