Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bernie Power

Ah, what better way to spend the day SPURNING the way too OVER HYPED, LATHERED OVER Daytona 500 than by writing and posting a few Formula 1 stories instead…

And why is it that Mr. “Etch-My-Stone” always makes me think of the Muppets? Not to be confused with those two loveable characters that Sesame Street “Killed-Off,” Bert and Ernie, but more like Oscar the Grouch.

I found the tidbit of F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s having a deal inked with South Korea a bit startling…

Recall that Champ Cars has just pulled the plug on South Korea after three years of failed attempts to host an inaugural Open Wheel event there. Champ Car has jettisoned the trouble plagued venue in favor of hosting its first ever race in China this May.

Does Bernie know something that Messer’s Kalkhoven and Forsythe don’t? Or more likely is it the fact that Bernie’s pockets are deeper…

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