Monday, February 19, 2007

F1 Winter Samba

Although the majority of Formula 1 constructors have previously tested at various winter locations, ten F1 teams have just concluded participating in F1’s latest test at Barcelona.

And with the final pre-season test to take place this week in Bahrain, I found Adam Cooper’s commentary on the subject pretty interesting as he seems to be seasoned enough to not get too wrapped up by the winners of the “Winter Olympics.”

This refers to F1 teams laying claim to the top of timing sheets by sending their chassis out on “flyers” to solely grab headlines by setting the day’s fastest time.

While various teams have topped the time sheets ranging from BMW-Sauber, Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull. Interestingly Ferrari’s Felipe Massa claims that the Scuderia’s switch to a longer wheelbase will not be detrimental to the Prancing Horse’s chances in 2007.

And as Mr. Cooper points out, hopefully the final test will potentially shead some light on who’ll be towards the sharp end of the grid at Melbourne, yet only time will tell who the real winners are…