Monday, April 15, 2024

Returning to Thoust Keyboard in Earnest

As does anybody still read what I scribble Here, Eh?


Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari

FOM Rejects Andretti Cadillac F1 Bid

Guaranteed Indianapolis 500 Starting Spots

Horner Gate

Pre Season Testing

IndyCar Whose Your Daddy $1 Million Sweepstakes Challeng


Having completed lap-14 of my eight weeks Open Heart surgery recovery  when I first set about scribblin’ this. Wayback’ on February 7th , I must confess I really didn’t feel like scribbling anything for a future No Fenders post, and have quite enjoyed my sabbatical from said Blogosphere.!


Arse-sumedly why I’ve let another two weeks plus slip by without bothering to type any more of my riveting No Fenders Yarn’ below…


And even though I’ve been paying loose Attenzione to the motorsports world since returning home from Hospital on January 29th. Like I said, I’ve just really not been to interested in returning to Blogging Full-time…


Whilst naturally three of the then four largest racing Headlines revolved around Formula 1, with IndyCar getting a sniff. Since ther return of 100 Days to Indy’s second season. Which sums up the prevailing attitude of IndyCar ever since I began following it – being  nothing more than a Shill for the Indy 500, even though Thars’ a whole season’s worth of other races o on the calendar! Really is a non-starter news-wise to Mwah…


Especially since it’s Funny how one’s opinions of what really matters in life changes dramatically after such a life altering experience like Open Heart surgery!


Thus I totally missed IndyStar’s Nathan Browne’s piece about IndyCar and it’s proposed Franchise, Err Charter system guaranteeing starting spots in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing!” And yeah, Bully-who, I’m totally aware that’s a registered trademark of IndyCar or whomever, but I digress…


Being a Diehard IndyCar Fan now fast approaching forty years, Youza! Like where did the time go? And why have I stayed so devoted ever since attending my first IndyCar race at Portland Wayback in 1987? Naturally you can All figure out which side of the debate I land upon this bit of ridiculousness!


With others having already pointed out how ‘lil “Ronnie” George’s infamous 25/8 rule sit in our Craws nearly some three decades later!


Having grown-up as a CART loyalist, obviously Tony George will forever be a thorn in my side! Although it took me many years to accept the fact it takes “Two to Tango”. Yet I still hold TG’ largely responsible for creating the debilitating Split that’s cost IndyCar generations of new Fans…


Reading Racer’s February 21st Mailbag, the comments overwhelmingly were Heartedly opposed to the notion of El Capitano’s push for guaranteed starting spots in the Indianapolis 500. Which after all, prides itself upon the ageless tradition of the Fastest 33 Qualifiers; end of statement!


Yes, the Daytona 500, NAWSCAR’s “Super Bowl” features 36 guaranteed starting spots with a palty four “Open” grid spots for “Interlopers” to attempt making the field. For which I’d argue does Qualifying for the Day-Toner’ 500 really matter?


And how much manufactured “Drama” is really created over two cars apiece advancing to the race during the Twin Gatorade 150 Duel’s or whatever they’re called these days?


Now I categorially know that El Capitano’, nee RP’, ergo Roger Penske doesn’t give a Tinkers Dam over what I say or scribble on this No Fenders Blog. Especially if it Ain’t 109% All Sunshine, Bunnies ‘n Rainbows!


Yet does Roger really wish to tarnish His legacy as Custodian of Mother Speedway, aka Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) forever by ruining one of the Indy 500’s most cherished traditions?


Or as Marshall Pruett wrote. Be remembered as Tony George 2.0 forever?


As I get the business aspects of Penske’s insistence over making sponsors Happy, especially since He’s a Businessman first. But for 113 years now, IndyCar Teams and Drivers have truly had to earn their way into the Indianapolis 500! And there should be No Guarantees to race upon Indy Cars Biggest Stage! And if you cannot Qualify as one of the 33 Fastest entries, then you Don’t deserve to make the Show – End of Rant!


Yet I’ll confess that I’ve actually parachuted a few current No Fenders stories in-between my 27 “Canned” posts I uploaded before my surgery. And have been paying closer Attenzione to Der Wurld de Motersporten since the end of February. As Y’all can probably figure out which arecurrent No Fenders yarns…


As I won’t bore Yuhs with recapping my major story Headlines above, since everybody already knows about them. Instead I’ll leave Y’all with the following dribble, Pun intended! Over how much of the loop I’m out of racing right now. Especially since I still haven’t found a decent MotoGP website to keep abreast of what’s happening.


Thus I was totally unaware that Turner Sports had swooped in? And bought the TV Broadcast rights to MotoGP this season, Huh?


After searching in vain on CNBC for a MotoGP race. Only to finally discover after a half hour’s searching or more? That my ridiculously Overproced Spectrum Cable TV provider did carry Turner Sports on the totally unknown TRUTV channel, who? Which I did two nights before “watching”, Err listening to Grand Canyon University beat Saint Mary’s in the NCAA’s March Madness.


Being even funnier since I never watch any Stick ‘n Ball Sports!