Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Six wonderful Gil de Ferran remembrance Podcasts

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A jubilant Roger Penske celebrates after Gil de Ferran scored Penske’s 100th IndyCar victory at the 2000 Bosch Spark Plug Grand Prix at Nazareth, PA. (The Tomaso Collection)


As Bravo Marshal, well Done!


Yeah I know, I know! It’s just over four months now since Gil de Ferran unexpectedly died at age 56. Which although I scribbled briefly about His untimely departure, I simply didn’t have any space to “Back-time” this particular story into Ye rotation. Especially since I’d already scheduled some 25, Uhm 26, Err 27 No Fenders posts in order to keep thy Blog’, as my late Awntie’ Harriet called it Alive.


Nope, No Young Frankenstein “It’s Alive” Jokes Here!


Thus, if you haven’t listened to any of Marshall Pruett’s six part interview with some of Gil de Ferran Friends tribute Podcasts. Or if you want to learn more about what made De Ferran such a great person, or the man behind the racing helmet. Then I highly recommend that you visit the Marshall Pruett Podcast website and search for the following episode.


MP1478 Remembering Gil de Ferran 1 with Scott Dixon

MP1477 Remembering Gil de Ferran 2 with Zak Brown

MP1476 Remembering Gil de Ferran 3 with Simon Pagenaud

MP1475 Remembering Gil de Ferran 4 with Tom German

MP1474 Remembering Gil de Ferran 5 with Justin Bell

MP1473 Remembering Gil de Ferran 6 with Dario franchitti


As they’re All great interviews highlighting Gil’s attributes as a person Off-track, i.e.; Family-man, Husband, Father, Team Owner and Oh Yeah, Championship winning race car driver!


Most weigh in around 30mins with the exception of Simon Pagenaud’s, who easily went for some 80mins with Symone’ just getting “Warmed Up!” As it was great hearing Pagenaud’s voice again! The first time since His Horrible accident at Mid-Ohio.


Although symone’s memories make me realize just how much I’ve missed over the years, even when perusing motor racing stories daily!


As Simon tells two great stories about His reverence for the great Ayrton Senna. For which somehow I never knew that Pagenaud, who back then was my second favourite IndyCar driver! Did a tribute Senna helmet commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Senna’s death in 2014.


With Simon debuting said tribute helmet with His three Brazilian “brothers”, i.e.; Gil de Ferran, Tony Kanaan and Helio Castroneves. While the second Senna story relates to the naming of their first son’s name…


Guessing that the only name of the six interviews that will be somewhat foreign to most, including myself is Tom German’s name. Who was Gil’s Championship winning race engineer at Penske. Including setting that amazing All-time closed course lap record of 241.428mph.


Which like Marshall says during one of the interviews, that’s an average of 241.428mph, meaning Gil was going faster some of the time, and slower in the corners, whilst averaging 240mph!

As I love German’s telling about De Ferran saying you’re a young guy, how are you gonna handle the pressure when the Pole is on the line? To which German was able to say, I’d do like last year when Scott Pruett won the Pole and you were second…


As All six issues have made me cry at some point during their interviews. As I think it was early in episode one, that made me realize I hadn’t been effected this hard by the death of a driver since the passing of my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver, the late Justin Wilson!


You can also find the podcast links to All six episodes in Marshall’s three page Racer article on remembering  Gil below.