Monday, April 22, 2024

The Dakar keeps making History

Especially since the entire race finished three times Faster than IndyCar’s 42 days Hiatus…


Yes Ladies ‘n Germs’, it’s another way behind the proverbial eight ball No Fenders story that I’ve been sitting on whilst recuperating…


Yet it still seems worthy of noting that Sara Price became the first U.S. Female to win a stage in the grueling Dakar! As the 31yr old Californian just went for broke this year after cobbling together $500,000 in various fund raisers. Saying She didn’t care if it cost every penny of Her savings, She was going!


Price is not only a Stunt Driver, but has also won medals at X-Games and won 17 Motocross titles. Along with being an accomplished racer. Having driven previously for Chip Ganassi Racing’s Extreme E team during the 2021-22 season, becoming the very first Female driver hired by Ganassi. Plus contesting Stadium Super Trucks during 2016-17.


Yet Price has focused primarily upon rallying and in 2019, became the Baja 1000’s first Ironwoman, finishing runner-up in the Trophy Truck spec class wile driving solo!


Sara arrived at this year’s Dakar with just Her Mechanic, Navigator, Best Friends and Boyfriend Ricky Bravic. As perhaps Y’all have heard of Him?


As Bravic was the first American to win the Dakar, winning the 2020 Motorcycle class, which He repeated this year.


Sara and navigator Jeremy Gray warmed up for this year’s Dakar in last October’s Rally du Morac. Where Price made more history by winning stages and finishing second overall in the Rally of Moraco.


Price made Her Dakar history when winning the third to final stage in the Can Am (Side-by-Side) class. With the Californian becoming only Dakar’s third female to ever win a stage. Joining Jutta Kleinschmidt and Christina Gutierrez.


As Spaniard Gutierrez won this year’s ATV class, becoming only the second woman to ever win the Dakar. Joining Germany’s Kleinschmidt, who previously won in 2001.


As Kleinschmidt was a true trailblazer. Claiming a Hat trick of first in the Dakar. Winning the first Stage by a woman at Dakar Wayback’ in 1997. Then becoming the first female pairing with co-driver Tina thorner to stand atop the podium in 1999, when they finished third overall.


And then for la piece di la resistance, Kleinschmidt won the 2001 Paris Dakar with co-driver Andreas Schulz in a Factory Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution  With All of Her “firsts” coming in the Cars category.


Meanwhile El Matador, aka Carlos Sainz won His fourth Dakar at age 61, breaking His previous record for oldest winner. While Sainz’s win aboard Audi’s technological marvel, the RS Q e-tron, becomes the first ever electric vehicle to win the Dakar.


As reportedly, Mr. Dakar, the legednous’ Stephan Pederhansel claimed that the RS Q e-tron was a super physical car to drive. And that it’s brutality was akin to being in a Boxing match while driving it!