Monday, April 1, 2024

Languid thoughts upon De Ferran and Indy Cars future

As 56 is way too early to die!


Nah, No April fools Jokes here upon No Fenders today Kiddoes! Other than the only Joke is that I’m posting this story just now, that I began scribbling upon the first weekend of January. When my, and countless others emotions were still raw over the untimely Death of Gil de Ferran at age 56!


Although I suppose in another bout of Tomfoolery’, Uhm, we’re a week removed from the Whose your Daddy Thermal Sweepstakes “All Star” event. For which I wasn’t certain Wayback’ in Gory January if I’d get a chance to watch it on Thy Telie? With whomever was providing my final respite ‘O Home Health Care recovery from my Open Heart surgery.


Although pretty G-Damn sure Nurse Catherine would give me Permission to do so! Which sorry Y’all, if you’re tiring of hearing me pontificate about this truly life changing experience; but Gil was younger than me.


As Gil’s Death was shocking enough just for it’s unexpected earliness. But hit me even harder due to my then awaiting Open Heart surgery and knowing the same could have happened to Mwah…


And since I’m still really not sure when I’ll return to thoust keyboard and Blogging in earnest. Therefore I’m trying to “pad” out some more time before resuming my normal Pre-surgery routine.


Look, I’m always Happy whenever IndyCar’s on-track, since it happens way too little during the year. Like can Y’all say El Stupidio 182 days Freakin’ Off-season!


And thus I had nothing against the Thermal Club event other then it simply seemed like another Gimmick from Day-1 of it’s announcement!


And Marshall Pruett had me laughing in stitches when sardonically mentioning that although the IndyCar press release said only the Top-5 finishers would be given prize money. The same press release went onto claim that positions 6-27 would each garner a cheque for $23,000. As Marshall wryly noted that He needed to finish P13, Brilliant!


Hence with the words All Star and The Thermal All Skate event occurring after only one IndyCar race. The word All Star made me think of the late gil de Feran once again!


Since like I previously scribbled here upon No Fenders. I’m guessing it must have been 2013? Since All I know it wasn’t the initial Legends Day Gala event of 2011, which had the largest trove of former IndyCar drivers in attendance. For which IMS Sherpa Carpets’ and I waited an hour or hour and a half? For me to get ‘lil Stevie Johnson’s, aka Stefan Johansson’s John Handcock!


Well at least I thought that was the one ‘n only time I briefly met De Ferran at Mother Speedway. Perhaps it was De Ferran’s line that was too long and we skipped it instead? Even though I swear I can still see His face and hear Him saying Hi to me…


Regardless, this reminded me of another De Ferran memory – that I know for certain happened…


As I’d been pestering thee Donald’, No-No-No! Not that Juan’, but Don Kay of Autosport Radio to see if He could procure me Symone’, nee Pageantry’, aka Simon Pagenaud’s John Hancock during an Autosport Radio Show interview some 15 years ago, Aye Karumba!


And in true De Ferran fashion. Not only did I get Simon’s autograph on a De Ferran Motorsports “Hero” card. But I got several! One each of Pagenaud and De Farran individually, along with the pair’s signatures together during their ALMS days…


Don’t need to recap how many times IndyCar shot itself in the foot last year! Other than as Marshall Pruett likes repeating sardonically upon His weekly Podcasts. According to IndyCar management – from the top down, beginning with The Captain, RP’ ergo Roger Penske Everything’s AWSM!


And although I’ve never worried before, naturally life’s taken on a whole new meaning to me…


In Geo. Phillips Christmas tidings Oilpressure post. Who’ll remain Ye Oldest IndyCar blogger to me! Even if George pointed out casually that The Pit Window’s Mike Silver is older than Him, but I digress…


George noted that this May will be fifteen years for His Blogsite, and at age 65, He doesn’t plan to be still blogging in another 15yrs at age 80.


This got me thinking that keeping that same thought-bubble’. That I’ve been poondin’ out stories nonstop here on No Fenders for over 17 years, and another 17 would get me to my 77th birthday! For which I have a hard time thinking I’ll still be blogging then also…


And I’d Arse-sume similar sentiments from Mike silver? Since that puts three current IndyCar bloggers already at or nearly Senior Citizens today! With I Kissed the Bricks Patty Nolan being 53 and the Field of 33’s Paul Dalbey is soon to turn “The King’s” number, ergo 43. While I have no idea what age For the Love of Indy’s Raymond Hamdoat is?


All of which makes me wonder if there are any IndyCar Bloggers currently under the age of 40 out Thar? Or are Blogs akin to Facebook? And just what the older generation gravitates towards?


As may be there’s young, savy “Digital Warriors” out there in IndyCar-land solely on Instagram? But being Blind, have I reminded Y’all lately? I Don’t do any of the social media stuff, especially Instagram, since obviously I cannot “See” it!


As the age old question is how does IndyCar excite and grow it’s next generation of Fans to replace us current Diehard, but aging Fanbase? And nope, No corny NXT jokes here! Even if everything’s AWSM!


As it seems that the best way to start this massive “C” Change would for Penske Entertainment and RP’ insert son Greg Penske into the “big chair”, ergo CEO now! With El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske becoming the Chairman, provided He didn’t keep Greg’s Hands tied behind His back decision-wise!


Since with many current IndyCar team owners being in their 60’s or older? Whilst I think the two youngest owners are Zak Brown and Riccardo Juncos currently. We don’t exactly have an infusion of age in the ownership ranks!


And being Captain McObvious. Without a younger, more vibrant Fanbase, it really won’t matter if IndyCar gets a new chassis, goes Hybrid, lands a third engine manufacturer, etc. Making me wonder if IndyCar will just keep plodding along before fading into obscurity sometime in the future?


As I’ve done my part supporting IndyCar for nearly four decades. And as Queen Danica would say. It’s Not my Fault that we had The Split and lost a generation of IndyCar Fans!


Which naturally made me think of Rush’s great song Between the Wheels!


Y’all know how that Rabbit feels going underneath your spinning wheels,

Windshield towards the Fly,

Time just passes you by,

Another lost Generation…


Partial song lyrics from: Rush Between the Wheels; Grace Under Pressure, 1984