Thursday, October 19, 2023

Formula 1 Fandom: When will the Bubble Burst?

Probably no time soon. Although MaxiMillions’ making a mockery out of the Sport surely won’t Help…


Initially, I’d planned on attempting to scribble something “riveting” here upon No Fenders about a long forgotten American F1 constructor Justin-time’ for this year’s U.S. Grand Prix at Austin’s Circuit Of The Americas. (COTA)


But running out of time, being way behind on my F1 coverage and with another Grands Prix in Sin City still on the calendar. I’ll save that story for November, hopefully…


Over the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, I found my mind Ah-wonderin’ as always after first having sat thru Friday night’s second practice session ending at midnight Pacific. And then sitting down again to “watch”, Err listen to Saturday “night’s” third practice here upon the West coast.


Although I enjoyed ANT’, nee Anthony Davidson filling in for Martin billybob’ Brundle, along with my Numero Uno Sky Sports F1 Pitlane reporter Theodore, Not Lenny! Krabitz being on hand. I totally drifted off into Never Neverland when Ted started waxing on disjointedly about a scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Huh? Before Ted said He needed to swap out His Headset’s batteries so He could hear Himself…


And having tuned out of Formula 1 so far this season, which is strange for Mwah. It wasn’t until Saturday when I realized when talking to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen that it was twenty years ago when I attended the first of my two Japanese Grands Prix, circa 2003-04.


Knowing I’ve waxed on here upon No fenders many Moons ago about how attending the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka was so Karmic for Mwah, being a Ginormous Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher Fan!


As it just so very well happened that I was present the day that Herr Schumacher finished eighth to claim His then record setting sixth Formula 1 World Championship! Having surpassed the mark of El Maestro’s, nee Juan Manuel Fangio’s tally of five F1 World Championships that had stood for some 46 years.


Yet I don’t know where that exact story is buried upon No Fenders, where instead I lamented about having previously attended the 2004 Japanese Grand Prix instead. When Formula 1 made History by holding Qualifying on Sunday morning for the first time ever.


Whilst it was funny re-reading the story (above) and learning how then Mark Handlebarz’ Webber was then leading the 2010 F1 championship with eventual first time Weldmeister ‘lyl syd viddle (Sebastian Vettel) languishing 21-points behind in fourth after Suzuka. Now that it’s a decade ago since Vettel’s final World Championship.


But I’d have to say that Suzuka now holds a permanent cloud over it for Mwah, with the ultimately fatal accident of Jules Bianchi upon slamming into the recovery crane vehicle in the late goings of the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix…


Yet for reasons unknown, as it’s strange how the mind works. I’d had the unusual Hankerin’ a few days prior to Suzuka for some tunes from an ‘Ol Rock Band of Wayback’ that I listened to growing up. With said band being Supertramp, as I suppose I’m taking the long way home here, Eh?


But it was a different song that kept playing repeatedly over my internal Jukebox instead…


“Who are these Men of lust, greed and glory

Rip off the Mask and let’s see”


As this phrase first struck me regarding the recent antics of Max Verstappen – who so audaciously told us if we didn’t like His utter dominance of the sport, then we weren’t Fans of Formula 1!


And then Maximus Hothead’ followed that up by emphatically telling us All to go Suck on a Egg! For which immediately made me retort with Kevn Magnussen’s infamous statement of Suck My Balls Max!


“Who are these Men of lust, greed and glory

Rip off the Mask and let’s see


But that’s  not right, oh, no, what’s the story?

But there’s you and  there’s me”


Yet instead, I simply cannot get over thinking that these men of lust, greed and glory are the ten F1 Team Bosses who are so adamantly opposed to allowing any new interlopers into their private Thiefdom!


Not to mention Liberty Media!


Now I’m not saying that Mikey A’ isn’t pursuing taking an eleventh team entry on Formula One’s grid just for the mere sport of it! Since naturally Michael Andretti wants to cash-in upon Formula One’s rising popularity.


But still, what are the current ten F1 Teams so afraid of? Other than their precious Share values dipping? For which I’d say is only a matter of time inevitably…


But I’m sure the Spin doctors will just be merrily focusing upon Herr Gunther instead, and America’s current F1 Team, Haas, even if it’s been nothing but a Back marker ever since enteringFormula 1 in 2016.


And before Y’all jump All over the thought of having two “Sub-par” American teams in F1. I’d argue how does the likes of Alfa Romeo, Scuderia AlphaTauri and Williams currently fit into that landscape?


With Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri having amassed a total of three Grands Prix victories over some Gory 1,245 Grands Prix Starts! By my very rudimentary Ryth-Muh-tickin’ of All of their various guises, i.e.; Minardi, Toro Rosso, AlphaTauri, Sauber, BMW Sauber and Alfa Romeo between 1985 thru the just concluded Japanese Grand Prix. Whilst Williams has been a Shell of it’s former glory for how many years now?


Song lyrics from Supertramp’s 1974 Crime of the Century.