Wednesday, October 18, 2023

F1: FIA Approves Andretti Formula 1 Entry submission

But will Formula One Management be so Brazen to Deny them?


News broke over a Fortnight ago over the FIA approving Michael Andretti’s submission for “Expressions of Interest” to the FIA to join the Formula 1 Grid.


As Andretti Cadillac was the only one of four “level two” applications to meet the FIA’s Due diligence “vetting” process. Enabling Andretti to now seek commercial approval to become Formula One’s eleventh team from Formula One Management, (FOM) the Commercial rights Holder of F1.


As we know, F1 President Stefano Dominicali and eight of the current ten Formula 1 Teams have been exceedingly luke-warm to Michael Andretti’s effort to become an F1 Constructor.


Principally fearing loss of their income stream of Guaranteed Moohlah’, along with potentially a smaller prize amount due to Gasp! Finishing behind Andretti in the vaunted F1 Constructors Championship!


The FIA has now done it’s part in completing it’s Expressions of Interest reequirements, meaning the Ball’s now squarely in FOM’s Hands. For which I say once again, what are the current ten Formula 1 Teams so afraid of?


As surely Mikey A’s presence will be spotted at Austin’s Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) racetrack during this weekend’s USGP…