Monday, July 3, 2023

The Tomaso Files: Some Blind Cat-packing Adventures

Nice Kitty-Kitty. Uhm, Have Cat, Will Travel, Meow! (The Tomaso Collection)


As surely, Don’t call me Shirley! Everybody carries a Cat in a Backpack now and then?


Nah, No Cat in the Hat Jokes Here!


As typical, this No Fenders post has been fermentin’ awhile now. Since I always feel Sad ‘N Blue after another visit with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen. Hence leaving me feeling not like typing anything of substance here upon Ye mystical Isle ‘O Nofendersville, Mateys…


Thus, this year’s 24 Heurs du Mans weekend was quite different for Mwah, remember that Y’all? As that splendid Centenary race seems an eternity ago now, Righto? Since fortuitously I had company in town visiting, which naturally took precedence over gorging Thyself on thoust 24 Hours race.


As Mary Ellen and Her Traveling Menagerie of Harriet Jean, Hang-10’ Hilo and the Demon Cat Marny made Thar annual pilgrimage to view our abundance ‘O wild Rhododendrons upon Ye Oregon Coast. Primarily around the regions of the disappearing Sand Dunes! Since Mary Ellen said that the Scotch Broom, an invasive species was in full bloom this year, Yikes!


As usual, I tuned into Motor Trend TV’s coverage for some ambiance whilst eating breakfast, before preparing for the day’s outing. Having tuned in just prior to le Hamburgular’, Sealmeister b’, SeaBass or just plain ‘Ol Sebastien Burdais got Hammered by somebody not paying Attenzione to when the Slow Zone was still employed! This being during Hour-2 Me Thinks?


As it wouldn’t be until just after High Noon that Mary ellen said we’re Here and get your Butt out to the Car, Hya! Telling Hilo to wait until I got in the car! Before He promptly sat on my lap and helped me eat my lunch…


After driving thru the Sutton Creek Park ground looking for rhododendrons, and Harriet Jean getting out to discover that we’d been looking at some Redwood trees. Little did I know that Mary Ellen would take mi up on my previous offer to carry the “Demon cat” Marny in a Backpack! For which was a very large mesh Backpack, which I believe allowed Marny to see out of…


After adjusting the straps to fit me, Mary Ellen inserted Marny into the pack before yours truly shouldered a nervous feline Cat with an additional 15-20lbs total weight on my back, Youza!


Starting along the Sutton Creek trail on a relatively cool day, and mostly having the trail to ourselves. Marny soon settled down after making a few feeble cries of protest, along with a few movements inside the pack, before mostly holding still.


Watch Out for that Tree! (The Tomaso Collection)

Funniest part of this new adventure of carrying a Cat for Mwah! Having only previously carried Thy Mad Molly and Hang-10’ Hilo before. As Yeah, who’d know that I’d become a Sucker for little Dogs! Was when we got to the tree growing across the trail horizontally!


As it immediately made me conjure images of a Congo line in my Head, and how it made me think of having to do the limbo underneath this tree blocking the path! And it was bad enough having to totally squat to go underneath the tree, but then I kept getting the backpack stuck on the tree whilst trying to stand up! Although I don’t recall Marny ever making any noise…


Wisely on our return trip, Mary Ellen suggested I take the backpack off before going underneath the tree, which naturally made the Congo line maneuver mucho easier!


Following an early dinner, I settled down upon the couch and “watche”, Err listened to a few more hours of le 24 Huers du Mans TV coverage. Although I cannot really remember anything of substance from that. As it just seemed like the Talking Headz’ prattled on ‘N on about nothing! Although I did finally figure out that the familiar voice in the booth was Jim roller, who used to be a Pitlane Reporter for Radio Le Mans. Whilst I think that the No. 8 Toyota was leading the Ferrari when I finally switched off?


Sunday morning, I was surprised that the Reuters Motorsports “Feed” was only giving an update on the race with three hours remaining, even though the race was long over. And as I was trying to read Racer’s Sports Car page results, Mary ellen arrived for our Walkabout on South Jetty Beach. As this turned into the most bemusing Beach walk I’ve ever taken!


Not sure exactly when Marny started acting up? Since think we stopped twice for Mary Ellen to check on Her just walking up the Sand Dune to the Beach, where the wind was Ah-Blowin’ Almighty!


As Marny began Howling in protest and moving left to right and back again as I tried walking down the Sand Dune to the Ocean’s hard packed Beach…


As the winds were gusting around 35-40mph and Marny was absolutely miserable. As Her Howling became louder ‘N louder Meooowww, MEEEOOOWWWW! MEEEEOOOOWWWWW!


As Mary Ellen bemusedly asked me if I could Hear the Ocean? As Marny constantly shifted back ‘N forth in the backpack crying loudly! And even tried Headbutting the backpack’s zipper seams in order to Breakout of Her Cell! For which when Mary Ellen would check upon Her, Marny would try sticking Her claws through a small opening to which Mary Ellen had tied with a double knot. Telling Marny She couldn’t get out!


Have to say it’s quite weird trying to walk along a Beach with a Cat constantly shifting your “CG” (Center of Gravity) and Howling Nonstop in protest over being forced to ride in a Backpack!


As I thought may be Marny would calm down on the return leg since we were walking into a Headwind, but All I could Hear over the roar of the Ocean was Meeeooowwww, MMEEEOOOWWWW!


As that was the final time I carried the poor Cat during Mary Ellen’s visit! And Arse-sumedly the last time I ever carry a Cat in a Backpack!