Friday, September 9, 2022

INDYCAR: Portland’s Race Day Sunday Topping

As this Chance Encounter was the Cherry on top of my most enjoyable Day’s return outing to Portland International Raceway!


Following the conclusion of the Grand Prix of Portland, “My Driver” Colin and I were walking back to His Car. After Colin had told me that the line for our second Shuttle Bus to our remote Parkig lot was so long, that by the time we got on it, we’d be to our Car! So we decided to walk back instead, which was fine with me, especially after having been Sitting All Day long!


Suddenly, a slow moving Car stopped alongside us and offered us a ride. With the unknown Driver telling us we could probably walk as fast as He was moving, but His Car Had Air Conditioning! As I have Zero Clue if He saw my white Cane that was being used in an Unorthodox “Hook ‘N Ladder” fashion?


Mark said it’s a Sedan, low to the ground. So watch your Head, as I got into the front passenger seat! As Mark was a super nice, friendly person who told us He was Working the Event. Oh? What do you Do?


I’m the District Manager for Total Quartz (Oil) and was working the event for Graham Rahal’s Car, which we’re the Primary sponsor of. And I was shuttling Clients Back ‘N Forth to the Timing Stand on Pitlane…


As I found myself unable to resist, and said isn’t that “Toe-Towel” as Graham (Rahal) pronounces it? To which Mark replied Toe-Towel, Total. They’re totalEnergy now, and we’re the Fourth largest Oil Company in the World!


To which I said, I know about total, since I’m a longtime Formula 1 Fan. To which Mark made an astute observation towards. Noting How Competitive IndyCar racing is vs. F1 being a Manufacturer’s Parade!


So I asked Him how did Graham do today? He finished fifth. Although I found it funny How I was far more interested in Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s (RLLR) newest rookie Driver Christian Lundgaard, saying He’s been doing pretty good lately. Not wishing to mention How I’m Rooting for Vanna, I wanna Buy A Vowel! Dale Coyne Racing with HMD Motorsports David Malukas to win the Rookie Of the Year (ROY) title instead!


Oh, Lundgaard Didn’t do so well today. He Hit one of our Banners in the Festival Curves, got it wrapped around His Nose and Had to Pit. Then He Stalled His Car in the Pits… Before I asked How Do Jac Not Bloody Nige” Harvey Do? Oh, He finished somewhere Mid-pack, I think.


Upon returning Home Sunday evening, I learned that Harvey finished P15, ironically One place behind Malukas. Whilst Lundgaard finished P21…


Mark told me that Total Quartz was Graham’s Primary Sponsor for five races this season, when I noted Graham’s revolving cadre of Primary Sponsors, albeit United Rentals was the only one I could think of. But when I asked Mark if they were an Associate Sponsor during the other liveries, He said that Total Quartz was Always on Graham’s rear wing and front wing Endplates.


As Total Specialties USA, which I can only Arse-Sume is Total Quartz’s “Parent” Company. Signed a Multi-year agreement Wayback in 2018 to be the Official Lubricants partner of RLLR, for which I can vaguely remember Graham Rahal making the announcement for. Which I think Graham said was a five year deal?


So I asked Mark if He was going to Monterey? Nope, but His Regional Manager was.


And I asked Mark if they sponsored any other series? No, but we used to sponsor the TotalExperience, where you get to drive selected Supercars, but we stopped after last year. Oh, you mean like where you can drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Ontrack?


Yes, we Held it at Pacific Raceways last year. Oh, I know Pacific Raceways intimently! Since I used to live just five miles from the track! And used to attend the SOVREN Historics Vintage Races yearly, along with volunteering for one WASAAC

Shelby Track Day outing a long time ago. Where they even made me a Corner Worker even though I couldn’t read the Car Numbers!


Yeah I got to drive the Ferrari 488 GTB and Porsche 911 GT3R there last year?


Did you drive a car to the track? No, I Drove them at Pacific Raceways. I got the Ferrari (488 GTB) up to 155mph on that long Front Straight and then wasn’t sure if I would get it Whoa’ed Down for that long first sweeping turn? Oh you mean the 180-degree “Sweeper” (turn) before you go Downhill into Turns 3A-3B, Yes!


Ok Guys, this is about as Far as I can take you. About 75-feet further. Before we Thanked Mark for the ride and walked the rest of the way back to our awaiting Chariot which just so happened to have a Jaguar parked alongside us…