Monday, September 19, 2022

HYDROS: A Season Full of Promise Ends at San Diego

But Can anybody Beat Jimmy Shane and the U-1 Miss Home Street?


Author’s Note

Otay, full disclosure here folks. I was busy packing on race day, getting ready to effectively go on a three weeks extended Holiday! So I don’t know the outcome of this year’s Sand Diego Bayfair Regatta or who won the bill Muncey Cup?



The 2022 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane season started out so promisingly, albeit it was an unexpected Driver-Boat Combination that looked set to give Jimmy Shane His biggest Challenge for another year’s Championship. Since I’d Arse-sumed that it would be J. Michael Kelly in the U-8 Miss Tri-Cities giving Shane Headaches All season long.


Instead it was Kelly’s Strong Racing teammate Cory Peabody in the U-9 Lynx Healthcare that was pushing Shane’s buttons! Having noted in my No Fenders Season Preview that these were the two teams to watch this year.


The season began on Lake Guntersville Wayback at the end of June, with the Sport’s most prestigious trophy, the gold cup being Held there. Although when I think Gold Cup, I immediately think of Detroit instead, the modern day (Post World War II) “Ancestrol” Home of the Nation’s Oldest trophy.


Yet my Hometown of Seattle Had Mucho to say about that during it’s Heated East-West Coast rivalry during the 1950’s and 1960’s!


Guntersville saw a “massive” seven Hydroplanes field contesting the Gold Cup with two Hulls apiece from the aforementioned Miss Madison and Strong Racing outfits. Plus single Boat entries from Bucket List Racing, Griggs Racing and Unlimited Racing Group, Although I’ve still got Zero clue what happened to Graham Trucking and Andrew Tate this year? Whilst initially expecting the most Hydros to show up for this year’s return to Seattle’s Seafair regatta…


Having taken to simply “Watching,” Err listening to the Final Heats via H1 Unlimited’s Youtube channel, I recall that whomever the main Announcer is? Noted how Jimmy Shane aboard the U-1 Miss Home Street had come to an unexpected, temporary stop during the five minute “Milling” period and we’d need to keep an Eye upon that. Which would turn out to be prophetic words…


Meanwhile Dave Villwock, Skipper’ of the U-40 Miss Beacon Plumbing had mirrored Shane’s march thru All of His preliminary Heats Undefeated. Also coming from behind to win a la Shane was also DQ’ed in the Final! As Villwock, the Sport’s Elder Statesman at Age 68 would be Disqualified for going outside the course boundries during the Milling period.


But I’m getting ahead of myself Thar Mateys!


As the Starting Gun sounded, five Whooshing, screaming  Lycoming (Chinook Helicopter) turbine powered Unlimited Hydroplanes funneled into turn one with Jimmy Shane leading the pack. As the U-1 Miss Home Street would lead All five laps seemingly enroute to Shane’s sixth gold Cup victory, breaking His tie with the legendous’ Gar Wood.


Yet Race Officials determined following the race that Shane had Dipped below the minimum 80mph threshold during the aforementioned Milling period and thus was instantly Disqualified! Meaning that Cory Peabody behind the tiller of the U-9 Lynx Healthcare who’d originally finished Runner-up behind Jimmy Shane was the winner of the 112th running of the APBA Gold cup! With Peabody averaging 147.829mph over the race’s five laps.


Official second place finisher was Jeff Bernard in the U-91 Goodman real Estate, and Jamie Neilsen in the U-11 Misss Colleen was third. Whilst I cannot remember what happened to J. Michael Kelly, albeit I think He was the “Trailer Boat,” but Not Classifie.


And if that wasn’t enough Drama for Yuhs, then like Good ‘Ol Derek Daly says: “Hang Onto Your Hollyhocks!” As it’s about to get real bumpy for one of our competitors!


The following weekend’s Madison Governor’s Cup on the Ohio River in Indiana saw U-1 of Shane and U-91 of Bernard. Along with both the U-8 Miss Tri-Cities of J. Michael Kelly and Peabody’s U-9, plus Neilsen in the U-11 for the Final Heat. As Villwock had earlier Hit a unseen log at some 150mph! Shearing it’s propeller and doing serious damage to the U-40 Hull, which made a Beeline Home to Snohomish, WA for repairs!


Shane and Peabody Had an epic Mano e Mano Duel the entire Heat! As perennial winner Jimmy Shane couldn’t shake Cory Peabody from His Six! With Peabody reportedly never veering less than four boat-lengths behind. And with the duo taking the white flag on lap-4, and Peabody pressing Shane Hard. Suddenly Cory’s U-9’s nose began catching Air and pointing skywards! And then in an instant, Peabody’s Hydroplane went Airborne with the U-9 completing two Summersaults in-a-row before thankfully landing Upright!


The race was immediately Red Flagged, and with AllHydros having completed three laps, Shane was declared the winner, His 21st Unlimiteds victory.


While the Box Score denotes that Bernard was second, Neilsen third and Kelly fourth, it really didn’t seem to matter! Although fortunately Peabody was Checked, Cleared and Released from the Infield Medical Center afterwards!