Friday, June 24, 2022

HYDROS: 2022 Power Houses. Which of these Two Teams will Prevail?

As it’s Hard to Bet against Jimmy Shane. Although J. Michael Kelly will surely Have something to Say about that!


Whilst perhaps Dave Villwock in the U-40 Beacon Plumbing will attempt throwing a Spanner into these two Power House teams contention for another Brace of Championship titles. Nonetheless, on “Paper,” it appears the 2022 season will be a contest between the Miss Madison Racing and Strong Racing teams each fielding two Full season Hydroplanes apiece…


As previously noted, there’s four APBA Gold Cup winners in this year’s field. The 112th running of the Nation’s Oldest sporting trophy, first being held in New York in 1904.


Whilst making it somewhat Cornfuzing. Apparently Jimmy Shane and the Miss Home Street keep the #1 designation for winning last year’s Teams Championship, while J. Michael Kelly won the Drivers title. Although in other series, it’s the Driver who gets to choose running the No. 1 Plate or not…


Miss Madison Racing

U-1 Miss Home Street, Jimmy Shane

U-91 Miss goodman Real Estate, Jeff Bernard


Although I tend to recall that Jimmy Shane first drove to prominence for Graham Trucking, not only winning His first H1 Unlimited races along with that year’s National High Points Championship Wayback’ in 2013. The Lion’s Share of His Unlimiteds success has come as the driver of the Oh Boy Oberto and Miss Home Street Bank for Miss Madison Racing when replacing the retiring Steve David in 2014.


As Shane won the first of His five APBA Gold Cups driving for the City of Madison, Indiana in 2014 and then won again the following year. Jimmy notched his third Gold Cup trophy in 2017, and then His latest two triumphs were 2019 and 2021. As Shane’s currently tied for fourth most Gold cup wins with the legendous’ Gar Wood at five apiece.


Although Jimmy’s got His work cut out for Him, since the legendary Bill Muncey has eight Gold cups to His credit. While the aforementioned Dave Villwock has 10, and Chip Hanauer has the most Gold cup victories with 11.


Shane, who’s driving Miss Madison’s newest 2018 Hull has won 20 races to date, along with six National High Points Drivers titles to His credit, including reeling off five consecutive Championships between 2013-2017 before Andrew Tate stopped His Streak. With Jimmy’s latest Driving title coming in 2019.


Still totally cornfuzed over why Jeff Bernard and Jimmy Shane split Seat-time in the U-1 Goodman real Estate/Home Street last year at Guntersville, especially since this cost Shane another Drivers title!


And it’s Annoying how Difficult it’s to find any meaningful information upon Jeff Bernard or Miss Madison’s second Hull. As from what little I could uncover, Bernard will now be piloting the U-91 for a Full season after campaigning the Miss Madison’s old 2007 Hydroplane in 2019. As Bernard ran the three West coast races, i.e.; Tri cities, Seattle and San Diego behind the tiller of the U-1918 Oh Boy Oberto. As Miss Madison and Oh boy Oberto have had a long, successful partnership.


As I’ll confess I’ve never Heard of Goodman Real Estate until beginning this year’s Hydros’ preview, as it’ll be interesting to see if Bernard can give Shane or J. Michael Kelly a run for their “Money” for this year’s Drivers title, Eh?


Whilst Race Control’s just given me a One lap Penalty for Jumping the Gun upon Jeff Bernard being a Gold cup winner. Since although Bernard won both of His first Day’s (Saturday) Heats 1B and 2B to lead the standings by 800 points.


Yet due to Mother Nature Not cooperating and with Gusty winds of 20-30mph against the current All Day Sunday, causing Whitecaps on Detroit’s river., where apparently Turn 1 was near Belle Isle. Officials were forced to Declare a No contest race outcome for the initial 100th running of the Gold cup race in 2008. This being Due to the fact that Heats 3A-3B and the Final weren’t run, which is necessary to be ruled as an Official Gold cup event.


Thus Bernard’s name appears on the Gold cup’s record Book for ’08 only in “Name” for having won the most points during Saturday’s two Heats, for which I Didn’t notice until “reading” the Fine print! But who knows, perhaps Bernard can finally claim His maiden Gold Cup victory this year on Guntersville Lake…


Strong Racing

U-8 Miss Tri Cities, J. Michael Kelly

U-9 Lynx Healthcare, Cory Peabody


Have already scribbled on No Fenders how Vanessa and Darrell Strong acquired the assets of two former H1 Unlimited Juggernaughts, combining the Elstrom and Jones Racing operations to form the new Powerhouse team last year. As  J. Michael Kelly drove the U-8 to his first National High Points Championship Drivers Crown last season with Bookend wins, i.e.; Guntersville and San diego. As Y’all have to wonder if this will propel Kelly onto a roll? As Kelly will be aiming to claim his second Gold cup victory after notching His first win in 2016.


Meanwhile cory Peabody, who I tend to recall drove briefly for bucket List Racing and it’s U-440 entry, wisely moved to this new team and promptly won His maiden H1 Unlimited race last season at Tri Cities. As Peabody’s only apparent potential liability is that He’s driving the Fleet’s Oldest Hull. But it’s a stout Hydroplane that won the 2018 Championship and APBA Gold cup, so who knows…


As Strong Racing definitely looks poised to give Miss Madison a run for it’s “Money” once again this season!