Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rookie Kerfuffle lingers while IndyCar Says Goodbye to Belle Isle

As I’m gonna Miss racing on that Rock…


For Thyself, as A Blind Word Butcher’, I now totally prefer listening to the IndyCar Radio Network’s “Call” of the races vs. Nothing But Commercials, err NBC! Thus I found this past weekend’s Internets Broadcast far More enjoyable than the Indy 500 TV Broadcast, which I really feel like I Don’t need to “Watch,” Err listen to anymore, which really makes me wonder why I’m still willing to pay such an exorbitant amount ‘O Dinero monthly for Cable TV, But I Digress…


Thus it was a perfect weekend as I got to listen to Qualifying live Saturday morning via IndyCar Radio where I took great delight in Nicky Salt’ Yeoman’s Uber Astute comment regarding IndyCar Rookie David Malukas Driving like Somebody Had Stolen a Trophy from Him! In regards to the laughable Ha ha, Not! Ludicrous awarding of the Indianapolis 500 Rookie Of the Year (ROY) to Jimmie Johnson.


As it would be extremely easy to Pile On to the overwhelming sentiments of Ye Blogosphere, and perhaps General feelings regarding this pathetic choice of Johnson over Malukas at Mother Speedway. Which just simply seems to be one more Nauseating Nod to that Taxicab bombers series…

As I really Don’t understand why IndyCar is doing Nothing to promote All of It’s Stars, as there’s so many story lines they could be using to promote All of the Great IndyCar Drivers!


Like I’ve said before, I admire Jimmie for what He’s doing, and He seems to be totally Humble and just trying to perfect his Open wheel Racecraft. But the Hype over Johnson just Didn’t warrant His winning the Indy 500 ROY, especially after putting Himself into the Wall Solo! Since at the very least, if my memory’s correct? Johnson and Malukas should have been Co-Rookies Of the Year a la Larry Rice and somebody named Rick Mears…


Thus it was even funnier when IndyCar Radio Network Pitlane Reporter Ryan Marin, who’s quickly vaulted to my Numero Uno favourite Pitlane Reporter, who far exceeds either NBC’s Snidely Whiplash or The Wherewolf’, aka Marty Snider  or Kevin Lee! (respectively) Repeated Nick Yeoman’s comment of Driving like Somebody Had Stolen His Trophy after Malukas had made His first ever Fast Six Shootout appearance, for which the 20yr Old Chicago Driver seemed very deferential in His response, before Marin finished the interview by saying that Malukas, who Qualified 6th vs. another tepid Johnson 20-something result was Definitely the People’s Choice!


Alas, it’s very funny how much it took me by surprise hearing Mark Gravelly’ James pronounce this being the 30th running of the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. For which I really shouldn’t have been so surprised, since I still vaguely recall watching that Uber Bad Arse Black ‘N gold John Player Special Lotus 98T of Ayrton Senna poundin’ round those Mean, err lumpy Streets of Downtown Detroit Wayback’ in Gory 1986! Not to mention when Scott Scooter’ Pruett was kicking Arse’ in those Narly Jack Roush Ford Mustang Trans Am “Pony Cars!”



But I suppose it’s just part of getting Old-ER’ that made me forget we’ve been going to Belle Isle for three decades. Although I did remember that I’d scribbled about the Beautiful Island some six years ago…




As it’s amazing how far the racetrack at Belle Isle’s progressed over the years, or is it that just the racing’s gotten that much better?


Since I can still recall sitting thru an overly long Red Flag period with such luminaries as ‘Ol r’, Ye Curmudgeon ‘O IndyCar’s robin Miller entertaining us as impromptu repairs were being made to the track’s surface. After James Hinchcliffe’s IndyCar’s front suspension had been wrecked after running over a Tar Ball Chunk ‘O Ashfault that had been torn out of the decaying track surface! With some Quick Dry Cement being applied, Aye Karumba!


Or how about when that Big GM, nee Chevy Mucky Muck promptly Stuffed the Corvette ZR1 Pace Car into the track’s Jersey Barrier, Whump!




But I’d have to say that it’s mostly down to the brilliant Firestone alternate rubber compound’s rapid, intentional degrading that made Sunday’s race so enjoyable.


While I think it was Ryan Marin again interviewing David Malukas Sunday, asking Him if He’d been getting any advice from Coyne Ware Racing teammate Takuma Sato who qualified second how to drive Belle Isle? To which Malukas replied Yes, Taku’ said you’ve got to drive it like a Grandma!


Not to mention Michael Young’s comment of How He just couldn’t wrap His Head round how Windsor, Ontario Canada was to the South of Him from His Turn 7 vantage point…


Have to say I was totally rootin’ for Alexander rossi, who seemed to be on the perfect strategy for once to finally win a race after nearly three years of futility! Making it even funnier how I was rooting against one of my past favourite drivers DJWillyP’, aka Will Power, who surely His Alternate Red compound Firestones wouldn’t be able to go the distance of the final 20 laps vs. Rossi’s preferred Black primary compound Slicks. Yet it was pretty insane how Power had built up a monster 35 second lead before His final Pit Stop.


Thus Power won by a lone second from an unexpecting 16th starting spot, with Rossi coming home second from 11th, and Scott Dixon third after starting P9. Whilst that Malukas fellah finished 11th and ‘Ol JJ’, nee Jimmie Johnson Ho Hum, was P22.


Although another rookie I really felt for was Kyle Kirkwood, who I really appreciate His gritting out His injured Hand/Wrist after His Shunt during Saturday morning’s second Warm Up session. Which afterwards, He went off and won the IMSA GTD category for Vasser Sullivan Racing’s Lexus race team, and ran in the Top 5 of the IndyCar race for a long time before making a rookie mistake, which He quickly Blamed upon Himself and Not due to His injury, which I’m Not buying since He spent considerable time with an ice pack on His injured wrist! Not to mention the lack of power steering.


Whilst cannot remember which Blogger sagely noted how Fun it would be seeing The Great Santini’, aka Santino Ferrucci driving the No. 14 for ‘Ol SuperTex’, aka A.J. foyt next year as Kirkwood’s replacement.


As I guess we’ll have to wait with Baited Breath to “See” how the return to Detroit’s Downtown Streets plays out next year…