Friday, September 30, 2022

Some Interesting Thoughts upon Foyt Racing’s current Irons’

Although something Doesn’t Quite Add Up here…


This is Not intended to be critical of either rookie IndyCar Driver Kyle Kirkwood or A.J. foyt Enterprises. Instead it’s just that I’m curious over Kirkwood’s seemingly lackluster rookie season results. And further, if ture? How the perpetual Back-marker IndyCar Team expects to move itself forwards by taking on a further Distraction?


First ‘N foremost, I really like Kyle Kirkwood as an IndyCar Driver. So I won’t try delving into His litany of problems this season, for which Ye IndyCar’s Oldest Blogger Geo. Phillips of Oilpressure fame has already punctuated by telling us to Not look solely at the box Score! Since you could say that Krkwood’s Had a myriad of issues stemming from poor Pitstops and Race Strategies. To Equipment Failures and Oh yeah, youthful exuberance…


Heading into Gateway, the season’s final Oval event, Kirkwood trailed Andretti Autosport’s rookie Devlin DeFrancesco 159-144 points wise. With DeFrancesco 23rd Overall and Kyle in 24th.


Yet it was Kirkwood to large extent who Shellacked the Indy Lights field enroute to His third consecutive Road to Indy championship, with the exception of fellow IndyCar rookie Classmate David Malukas. As DeFrancesco finished a Distant sixth in last year’s Lights Championship.


This makes me wonder if this is a true indicator of just how Bad the A.J. foyt Enterprises team is? Or is that an underlier of How Kirkwood and Foyt are actually “Punching” above weight vs. the might of Andretti Autosport?


Having already scribbled here upon No Fenders about Kirkwood’s meteoric rise thru the Junior ranks. Winning five successive titles, i.e.; U.S. Formula 4, FR Americas, U.S. F2000, Indy Pro 2000 and Indy Lights, All as a Rookie No less!


Not to mention ting J.R. Hildebrand and Greg Moore’s series winning records in U.S. f2000 and Indy Lights. Along with amassing a staggering win tally of 55 of 88 races! Obviously Kyle knows not only How to Drive, but Win!


And although I do Not believe this, it seems almost like Kyle’s success came to easily for Him? Although He had plenty of stiff competition, like Malukas last year. But it’s like  the step up to Indy Cars has been to a whole another Planet. And that He’s simply placing too much expectation upon Himself to perform better while languishing as the lowest placed full season rookie! As I really Didn’t expect Him to be fifth, behind Devlin DeFrancesco!


As DeFrancesco finished 23rd Overall with 206 points vs. Kirkwood’s 183, netting Him P24 Point’s-wise. While even more Galling Has to be Callum Ilott’s Gritty performance for Juncos Hollinger Racing, the only Single Car IndyCar entry.


As Ilott, who Broke His wrist at Indianapolis and missed the next race at Belle Isle. Finished 20th Overall with 219 points, with one fewer races to His credit…


Meanwhile, I’ve been hesitating to scribble ‘bout this on No Fenders, after having read Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s article Wayback in mid-July. Although I rely upon Marshall for much of my motor racing news, it just seems to be out of left field…


Perhaps Y’all read Marshall’s July 13th story over who potentially will be Porsche’s second 963 Customer in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship next year? For which we already know that the Werk’s Porsche operation will be run by El Capitano’s, nee Roger Penske’s Porsche 963 Squad.


While Chip Ganassi will campaign Cadillac’s, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing the BMW M Hybrid V-8 entry, and Meyer Shank Racing one of the latest Acura’s.


This seemingly just left Andretti Autosport and Arrow Mclaren SP willing to fork over the $2.9 million fee for a customer Porsche 963! And that’s just to get your Mits upon one of these Chassis!


Yet Michael Andretti  is rumoured to be lining up for a future Alpine/Nissan IMSA GTP entry. As I say Nissan since Alpine Doesn’t sell cars Stateside, which would probably be 2024 at earliest?


Whilst McLaren’s Big Kahuna Zakery Brown seems a little busy right now sorting out All of His 27 Driver Contracts! Not to mention probably wishing to keep the $7-10m as in Millions! Season Operating cost according to Marshall in reserve for His impending Lawyers Bills!


Hence Pruett speculates out of the current ten IndyCar teams, it’ll be surprise! A.J. Foyt Enterprises who’ll be the winning selection for the second coveted Porsche 963! And that it’s lead driver would be J.R. Hildebrand…



And whilst I know the parking of Foyt’s third IndyCar this year is solely due to RockiT Not Honouring it’s Sponsorship obligations, where does this leave Tatiana Calderon, who’s Hoping to continue Her IndyCar career next year with Foyt?


And why would Foyt want this Added Distraction? Especially since they’ve Not sorted out Kirkwood’s replacement next year, when Kyle moves back to Andretti. And they really need to find somebody who can move the team forward, with No Disrespect to Dalton Kellett.


Although then again, I suppose this could be a welcome transition for the No. 11 IndyCar’s Crew members, Eh? And presumably keep them intact to run a third Foyt entry at some place called Mother speedway…


But you’d have to say that the obvious $64k Questione is where’s the Money coming from to potentially run this Sports Car endeavour. And will it Happen?