Thursday, October 28, 2021

RETRO: Rolex’s, Richard Mille’s, Pardon Mwah, Do You Have the Time?

As once again, your Humble Scribe Tomaso’s Stumbled Down another Wabbit Hole, and what’s that ‘Ol Chicago song ‘bout Does Anybody Really Care What Time It Is? Does It really matter?


Yeah, I know it happened over a Gory month ago, or is it two now? But it took me that long to put it All together Folks! Even though I typed the name Richard Mille Racing last year, I just finally made the connection between it and Lando Norris’s Miss-adventures at this year’s euro 2020 Finals at Bloody Wembley Stadium…


Y’all remember when the 21yr old Briton had his custom Richard Mille wristwatch stolen off him when trying to leave the stadium after England’s defeat to Italy. Reportedly when getting into his McLaren Supercar in the Stadium’s parking lot!


And although it’s not as Gory expensive as I first Arse-sumed it was, nevertheless I still wonder what a 21yr old’s doing with a 40,000 pounds timepiece on his wrist? Which I suppose is the perks of being a McLaren F1 Driver, not to mention driving a Company Car, Righto?


As the watch in question worth some $55,000+ Greenbacks’ (U.S. Dollars) at the time of it’s forceable removal from said owner is rumoured to be an RM 67-02 custom 1 of 33 Richard Mille timepieces exclusively made in the teams colours of papaya orange and blue.


And what is it about Formula 1 drivers and Thar desires for Bloody expensive wristwatches? Since I tend to recall having previously scribbled’ a story about the late Jules Bianchi having his custom watch taken from him in France…


Lally’s Timepieces…

Yep, this No Fenders story is way Outta’ time, especially  since I keep forgetting to wind It’s Hands. But what better time to finally post it, since I’ve Oh, So cleverly managed to place it back onto thoust No Fenders Sun Dial, Hya!


As it’s been ah-Naggin’ at me ever since February, when I discovered I’d made another foopah, and thus a la Der Heindenmeir’, nee John Hindhaugh said on occasion during this year’s now presumably long forgotten 24 Hours of Daytona’s race Radio Broadcast, “A Bit ‘O Housekeeping” is sorely in order.


Having once again tried putting together another No Fenders story too fast, whilst Ye Bloody Knucels’ got in thoust Gory way! Or was it from not fastening thou Rolex’s Wristband securely, Hya! When I mistakenly noted how many Rolex wristwatches Andy Lally had accumulated from his various wins at Daytona International Speedway.


Since everywhere I looked upon Ye Intrawoods’, aka Internet claims that although Andy Lally was indeed the current winningest driver in this year’s Rolex 24, he only had five Class victories beginning twenty years ago in then Grand Am’s SRPII (P2) category aboard a Lola B2K/40 Nissan V-6 Prototype. Andy then took another three GT Class victories in 2009, 2011-12, all aboard Porsche 911’s. Before claiming his latest Class Honours in 2016 behind the wheel of an Audi R8 LMS in the GTD category.


Thus five class wins plus three Grand Am Champions Rolex time pieces would only equate to the eight Messer Lally casually mentioned during his latest Speed Freaks interview, which hopefully I’m managed to find the same interview I heard when listening to them several months  ago in the following link, since Thar website is totally 100% Non Screen reader Friendly, Sigh!


Scooter’s Rolex Collection

Meanwhile, and Nah, originally I wasn’t gonna do any Corny Stephen Colbert QuarantineWhile’ Jokes here, But! Seems like we’re headed back that way, Eh? Oh Never Mind, Tick tock!


So I know I’ve also scribbled somewheres’ in thoust Voluminous No fenders Archives about Scotty  Scooter’ Pruett casually discussing his Rolex 24 Winners timepiece collection with the Freaks, but of course cannot find it.


Actually, I found the link I was looking for in another No Fenders story title Scooter returns to Daytona, which isn’t with The Freaks, but Pruett’s been on Thar Show countless times over the years


But Guess What? Rightly so, Pruett has more coveted Rolex 24 Winners Rolex 24 watches than Lally does! As Pruett has a Mega twelve at minimum, since he cleverly got Rolex to “gift” him one for his 1992 Class victory aboard a Jaguar XJR-12 finishing Runner-up Overall, (1st in GTP) when Rolex’s were only awarded to Overall Winners And that doesn’t even include his apparent 10 Class victories!.


Naturally I cannot discern when Rolex began giving out Thar coveted Daytona models to All 24 Hours of Daytona Class Winners, since Pruett didn’t receive his first “proper” Rolex winner’s timepiece until 1994.


But we know this change occurred sometime between 1994 and 2001, since Lally received his first Daytona watch in 2001. So I’m Arse-suming it began in 2000, when the inaugural Grand American Road Racing Championship (Grand Am) was held opposite the American Le Mans Series Championship which claimed the 12 Hours of Sebring as it’s series Marquee event.


Scott is tied with Hurley Hayood for most Overall Rolex 24 wins at five apiece. Plus Scooter’s amassed a further six Rolex watches for winning a Mega six Grand Am Championship titles. And then unbeknownst to Mwah, he received a twelfth Rolex for being the race’s 2019 Grand Marshal, not to shabby, Eh?


As Y’all may enjoy the accompanying Motor Trend article I found when trying to solve my Tick Tick Tick, Ah-Wonderin’ how many Rolex watches Scott Pruett has, who’s an avid collector of the iconic brand who once again showed off part of his Rolex 24 watch collection at Daytona then…