Friday, October 22, 2021

F1: The Andretti Factor

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray folks, This is a limited time Offer…


Perhaps it’s just Mwah? But I find All of the Noise having been made over Mikey A’s proposed Takeover, Err Merger, Uhm Purchasing of a controlling Shareholding in the Alfa Romeo Racing F1 Team a bit confounding…


As think it was a Fortnight ago now when “Broke” the News regarding Michael Andretti’s upcoming meetings in Austin at Circuit Of The Americas, (COTA) when Formula 1 visits for this year’s U.S. Grand Prix on October 24th.


Firstly, why would you bother to “leak” News about your impending negotiations? Other than I can only Arse-sume in order to put pressure upon one party or the other, since usually aren’t these types of Acquisitions done Privately?


Since the last Formula 1 Team sold was Williams F1 Racing, but that was on their terms, with Sir Frank and his Co-Deputy Director, Daughter Claire making public the need to sell their team due to Financial woes.


Whilst I Don’t know of Longbow Capital, the owners of Sauber AG who own the rebranded Alfa Romeo concern ever publicly decrying their need to sell? Which leads me to believe this PR “Stunt” is only intended to drive the price up.


Secondly, can we please Stop All of the Sillyness over Colton Herta going to Formula 1 to drive for Mikey A’s Alfetti’ concern. As the first I heard of this is when the Indianapolis Star’s Motorsports Beat Reporter Nathan Browne discussed All of the rumours suggesting this, Huh? Hadn’t heard a Bloody thing until you wrote about it Nathan!


Then Racer’s Marshall Pruett, who I’m totally a Fan of published his Open letter to Colton Herta, Begging him to Not go to F1! For which All I can think is that Marshall’s having Fun at our expense teasing us, since if he’d read Messer Browne’s article, then he'd know that Colton won’t be able to muster up the mandatory minimum number of points required to acquire the necessary FIA Superlicense anytime soon! So Game Over, you don’t get to pass g-O or collect your $200 gory Dollars Marshall!


Or is this just another honest mistake by Pruett a la his not knowing that only Full Season IndyCar Teams are eligible to collect the Leaders Circle Fund provided they contest All races and finish in the Top 22?


So if Michael Andretti does buy a controlling Shareholding in Alfa Romeo Racing, then good for him, but it’s just one more sign of his wealth, and his intentions of capitalizing on the perceived future increased value of said F1 “Franchise,” Uhm Property.


Since the F1 Fraternity and the FIA have instituted their version of a Poison Pill buy requiring any new F1 Constructor to pay an Insane $250m as in Millions entry Fee, in order to cover their potential lost revenues from the FIA’s Prize Fund, instead of doing what’s best for the sport, by having New F1 Teams come onto the Grid and Bulk Up to 24 cars from the paltry 20.


After publishing this, I finally got round to reading Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward’s Green Notebook from Sultanbeyli. (Oct 12) Where Joe as typical dropped a few tidbits worth mentioning.


As Joe, who after all Knows F1 notes that Sauber is Definitely Up for Sale, and that Z deal with a U.S. Based consortium could possibly close at the end of 2022?


Whilst claims that some rumours in Istanbul claimed that Michael Andretti had already acquired an 80% Shareholding in presumably Sauber AG, but who knows what’s really going on beside whomever the Playah’s are?


Joe also opines Thars a possibility of Alpine financing a new Formula 1 concern, including paying the $200 million Entry Fee! Instead of the apparently erroneous $250m figure I mentioned above.


With joe claiming Alpine would be keen on doing this in order to not only develop a “Customer” B-Team a la Scuderia AlphaTauri in order to give it another Power Unit customer, but also could aid in Renault’s development of the next generation 2026 PU’s. (Power Units) Along with helping it’s logjam of Development drivers finding seats on the F1 Grid.


Joe also claims that Alpine Academy member Christian Lundgaard is headed Stateside to fill the third #30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing IndyCar seat for 2022…