Thursday, October 21, 2021

Texas Does Country, And Western

As where’s those Osmond’s to sing about being a little part Country, and a ‘lil bit Rock ‘N roll?


So it’s Funny how just a fortnight ago, Racing Drivers were getting Cranked up on two Continents…


In years past, even though “Everything’s Bigger in Texas!” I bothered checking and notice that Texas Ain’t hosting the RASSCAR’ Roundy Round and Formula 1 race on the same weekend, which unwisely they’ve done in the past. Since this year NASCAR ran at TMS the week prior to F1 at Circuit Of The Americas…


But who knows how the Fireworks will progress in the Lone Star State over these two weekends? Or is Thar still a Burn Ban on?


Since Arse-sumedly we ain’t seen the last of Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliot’s Spat, albeit notice the Media’s calling it A Feud! As I’d be surprised if Eddie Gossage didn’t play up “the Feud” when it comes to Texas Motor Speedway October 17th, since Gossage, the Maestro of Promotions will Hope for nothing less than Harvick and Elliot getting into I-T once more!


As I only learned about this since I bothered turning Thy Telie’ back on after “Watching,” Err listening to the Turkish Grands Prix Encore presentation for some “Soothing” Background noise when eating lunch. Although Don’t know how I didn’t get indigestion, Eh?


Then I must have been desperate since I turned the Charlotte roval’s  race back on an Hour and A-Half later for the final 14 laps, when Chase Elliot was racing his way back to the front and was getting ready to pass the #19, the only car between him and his Bosom Buddy Harvick, who suddenly ran wide into Turn-1 and Crashed outta Duh race, Yeehaw!


Meanwhile (two weeks later) Lewis Hamilton’s still trying to persuade anybody who’ll listen that he wasn’t Furious at his team during the Turkish Grand Prix. Seriously Sir Lewis? Like we All heard your Potty Mouth over the In-car radio thanks to the International TV Feed.


Even though the Turkish Grand Prix was an overly dull affair, with Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas leading Flag to Flag on a one lane “Greasy” racetrack, Golden child kept me quite amused! In fact Golden Child’s petulance over the radio with his Frothing tirade was so Obvious how Furious he was over Not getting his way, that All I could think of was Kimi Raikkonen’s wife’s famous Quip “If You’re gonna Cry like A Girl, then may be You should take up Ballet!” Yeah, she’s talking to you Lewis! Uhm, what’s that Mate? You say just Leve it Alone, Man?


Thus am I the only person still wondering why Sir Lewis tried so mightily to Cover His Derriere, Err Backtrack so massively the day after the race? And try downplaying that anything had happened, or the fact that He’d Shot Himself in his Own Foot by Challenging the Team’s Orders to Box-Box-Box previously, when he wouldn’t have Hung Himself Out to Dry?


Since at least Chase Elliot was Man enough to Not waffle or Flip Flop, since I just Cracked Up when during the Charlotte Post-race interviews Elliot said dryly in regards to Harvick wrecking and being out of the Playoffs Chase: “I wish him A Merry Offseason and A Happy Christmas!” Fa la la la lah! No X-Mas Cards Thar…


And it’ll be interesting to hear how Austin’s overly lumpy track surface effects the Formula 1 race this weekend? Since when MotoGP just raced there, the riders noted how Horrible the Bumps were! With MotoGP Points leader Fabio Quartararo calling it a Joke!


As it was two years ago when Golden child said the Bumps were so Bad at COTA that it gave him A Headache! Which I’m certain that’s exactly what Max Verstappen will be hoping for, ore more! And it things don’t go exactly 100% Sir Lewis’s way or expectations, Y’all know he’ll be Crying like Uhm, You know What over the radio once again…