Monday, October 11, 2021

A Different Darrell Makes History!

And it’s Fantastic News, even if NASCAR’s moved onto the Next race…


Nah, I’m Not talkin’ about Mr. Boogity-Boogity-Boogity’, aka ‘Ol DW’, or simply known as Darrell Waltrip. And certainly Ain’t even remotely thinking ‘bout his brother Mikey Aw Shucks! Waltrip, FOX Sports Court Jester! Nor am I referring to those other Wallace Brothers, i.e. Kenny and Mike…


Nope, I was pleasantly surprised when perusing my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service late Monday evening (October 4th) to Hear the News that Darrell Wallace had won the rain shortened Talladega NASCAR race!


As I really enjoyed ESPN’s ryan McGee’s article completely explaining how this was a moment of Joy! And that Wallace, who’s nickname is Bubba Doesn’t have Any time for any of the Detractors or Social Media Trolls, nor the former President of the United States!


Hmm, isn’t that Strange how that Ex-President only had Eyes for Berating Black Athletes like Colin Kaepernick and Darrell Wallace?


But Darrell was simply celebrating his maiden NASCAR race victory instead! And that Wallace’s motto is Love should Always Stand Above Hate!


As McGee was the first to inform Mwah that his Full Name is William Darrell Wallace, Jr. who just so happened to be giving himself an early Birthday present, since he turned 28 years old this past October 8th.


And I find it overly Rich that it occurred in the Deep South at Talladega No less, since Wallace was instrumental in getting the Confederate Flag Finally Banned from NASCAR, Yeehaw!


Since I’m not a Roundy-Round RASSCAR’ Fan, I didn’t have Thy Telie’ switched on to witness the History making moment, as make No mistake, Wallace Drove his way to the lead before the race was curtailed due to rain!


And it’s somewhat Shocking to learn that it’s been 2,040 races since Wendell Scott became the first African American to win a NASCAR race Wayback in 1963! Although it took a few months to actually declare him the winner of the race, solely due to Racial Segregation.


For which I’m Not overly impressed over how NASCAR managed to Drag it’s Heels for nearly some 58 years before finally giving the Scott Family Wendell’s winners Trophy, which apparently the did quietly some two months ago.


As it’s a Banner year for Black Drivers, since earlier Myles Rowe, the Rookie Driver of the U.S.F2000 #99 Force Indy racecar won his maiden Road to Indy Single Seater race at New Jersey Motorsports Park on August 30th, in the Sunday morning race.


But this is supposed to be All about Darrell Wallace’s major Stock Car accomplishment! While perhaps one day soon Myles Rowe can accomplish his own History by becoming the first Black Driver to win an IndyCar race…


Congratulations Darrell Wallace!