Monday, August 17, 2015

Paddock Notes: August 17th edition

A very quick look-see round Zed Internetz upon my return from thy Wilderness; Err Mount Rainier and points in-between. As after all, its Summertime, along with a few weeks respite from Trackside for the F1 and IndyCar series. Thus, here's what I'd rustled up prior to actually listening to Trackside with Kevin 'N Cavin to Confirm-Confirm Road America's return...

Miller on Which Direction should IndyCar take?
The Wily 'R, 'Ol Curmudgeon 'O Indy Cars, nee Robin Miller's latest assessment on what the hired Goons; Err Guns, as don't wanna be one itsy bitsy negative towards Mark "I've Got a Plan!" Miles & Co, right? Ergo who Starship HC's vaunted leadership should consider upon Derrick Walker's replacement for the forthcoming season, albeit his list is filled with people who won't make the cut, with the SMART ones NOT wishing to touch this with a 20-foot Pole!

Button's Gasser!
Austin Travel Guide Claudio' broke the news to Mwah late one night upon Bloody 'JENSE and his wife, the lovely Japanese Model Jessica Michibata being robbed on Holiday on the French Riviera, apparently being gassed in their sleep!

Say It AIN'T So!
Funny enough, I was telling' Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen on our way home from the Mountain how Robin Miller had said it was a "Done Dealio," albeit not confirmed, that Road America would be on Indy Cars 2016 calendar; EUREKA! And upon my return to Tomaso Manor and turning on thy Confuzer; SHUHZAMM!

Lewis to test Yamahopper?
And since we're firmly in the midst of Formula 1's mandatory Summer Break, which hopefully F1, Ahem Uncle Bernaughty will keep next year for the Mechanic's Sake! News is a 'Wee Bit Sketchy and Hence such sundry "News" stories are inevitably rolled out.

Key Ingredient...
Reputedly Scuderia Toro Rosso's Technical Boss James Key is firmly in the "Crosshairs" of rival B-I-G' Teams Short-list for Technical Designer due to this season's superb STR-10 chassis, which Max "Dutchboy" Verstappen has just driven to its best finish of the season at the Hungaroring.

Rival Series Hires Veteran Racer
In a nod to Robin Miller's philosophy of hiring actual knowledgeable Racing people for key Officiating positions, apparently the Pirelli World Challenge has taken a page out of this sensible Playbook.

Should F1 Stay the Course?
More F1 Summer Break Blather, debating if Formula 1 which currently cannot even agree on where to test Pirelli's super-super soft rubber - are contemplating even more important strategies, Uhm, like I dunno, reducing the cost of PU's, (Power Units) etc.

Paffett offers Driving Impressions...
And lastly, in deference to current Mercedes GP "Simulator Jockey" and DTM competitor Pascal Wehrlein, thought this comparison on the driving differences between the two series might be interesting to read.

Now if I can only carve out some time for 'Lucy, My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader to read I-T back to Mwah, not to mention some of the other story links above; Hya!

'Whale, wouldn't Yuhs know I-T! The original story link from Autocar was a P.O.S and NOT compatible with 'Lucy, my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader; FRICK!But 'Lucy could read the following link instead...