Monday, August 17, 2015

AUTOS: Four Major Auto Manufacturers on Different Tracks

Sadly, in another nod to the greediness of Capitalism, ever demanding Share Holder's stock value and continuous squeezing 'O profits, we're NO longer able to read great Automobile stories in the Sunday editions of the New York Times, for which I find at the very least,  extremely disappointing!

Alas, in a nod to earlier Days, when I'd be posting stories linked with various Automotive yarns from the New York Times commemorating Vintage Automobiles in regards to thy "Mack Daddy" 'O Historic Car events, nee the Monterey Historics, which forever will be idyllically seared into thy memory-banks as 'Hystericals; Hya!

With the 'Uber overflow of Historic car events having congregated along California's picturesque coastline this past weekend, culminating with the Monterey Motorsport Reunion, twinned with the magnificently Bourgeoisie Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance - there won't be a Damn thing for Mwah to read about this year's undertakings!

Instead, I'll travel down another unknown road, having missed the initial B-I-g' announcement from Circuit de la Sarthe by NO less than the B-I-G' MAN Himself; Hya! Simply known as thee Cheepster', aka Chip Ganassi, who wryly noted he wasn't in France for the food; Hooah!

As the Ford Motor Company finally made official what had long been rumoured. That the Dearborn Auto Giant would indeed return to Circuit  de la Sarthe to contest the 2016 24 Heurs du Mans in honour of  the 50th Anniversary of its historic 1-2-3 finish.

Yet somehow, I feel a tiny bit disappointed, since although the vehicle of choice will be Ford's latest iteration of its iconic GT40 now known simply as the Ford GT, they'll simply be competing for class honours in the GTE Pro category and not for outright victory - which would have required constructing a top-flight Hybrid LMP1 Prototype instead.

Whilst on a side note, how many of Y'all realize that Monsieur Ganassi actually once was an aspiring racing driver who contested the Indy 500? Which I chronicled several years ago in;

Yet somehow I either missed this caveat or was totally unawares' that Cheep', as pronounced by 'El Zorro, nee Alex Zanardi had capped off his driving career by racing for Sauber at Le Mans in 1987.

And it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out how Ford will be competing directly against its largest Dearborn competitor Chevrolet next year in what should be a good 'Ol Fashioned Donnybrook!

Although GM's "Fly  Yellow" C7R Corvette was once again victorious at Le Mans this year, I'm somewhat more intrigued by the company's determination to restore as many of  the ruined Corvettes from its Bowling Green museum that were swallowed up by a massive sink-hole! Which in some twisted, karmic way parallels General Motors recent history of Bankruptcy and Ignition Gate...

But back to Ford's legendous' GT40, for which it seems only proper that 'MAD MAX (Papis) would be the chauffer of said vehicle passing another iconic Sports Car at Mother Speedway's recently held Historics. Where Massamiliano left a Porsche 906 in his wake due to his superior Blue Oval horsepower. Although in fairness, the 906 isn't in the same league as the Narly GT40, presumably of Beastly seven liter Big Block form?

Yet currently, Porsche is having the last laugh, still reveling in the After-glow of having just won Le Mans outright with its 919 Hybrid for Stuggart's record 17th time - which victory in the GTE ranks pales in comparison.

Meanwhile Three Doors Down, figuratively, la Scuderia resides in that most special of Italian towns simply known as Maranello,  where  arguably the world's most famous auto manufacturer's facility exists.

As the citizens of Maranello, and Italy wait patiently for the church bells to ring again - signaling that Herr Vettel has triumphed over the mighty Silver Arrows once more! Although with the recently announced Spin-off and public stock offering, acknowledging that Ferrari's worth in excess of three billion Euros; SHEISA! It seems a bit sad that they're unwilling to produce their own LMP1 Prototype and take on their German rivals on the Mulsanne Straight...

Spotted the following story whilst perusing some of my many Automotive Haunts, with some more details towards CGR's Ford GT testing plans coming to light. With Mike Hull, Chip Ganassi's right hand (Man) noting how Multimatic, a prolific 'Kuhnaidiun racing enterprise will be responsible for the World Endurance Championship's brace 'O Ford GT's, while CGR focuses upon its two car IMSA Tutor Sports car Championship operation...