Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let's G-O Racing and Show Justin Our Support!

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed over how Gutted I've felt over the loss of Justin Wilson & how turned Off towards racing I feel right now, but as typical, wiser heads prevail...

Originally , I wasn't sure if I'd feel like watching the IndyCar race from Sonoma this weekend or not? Although I have zero intentions of Quitting Motorsports, especially since it's been my main passion in life for  over a quarter century now; but... Thus leave I-T to thee OLD-est  IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips to rightfully Call Us Out upon how Justin would be upset with us for giving up on the sport he loved so dearly!

Meanwhile, I find myself very pleased to have come across the news that Indy Cars helping out Justin's Children - as I immediately want one of the T-Shirts Y'all can purchase either in person this weekend at Sonoma, or like Mwah  over the Internetz...

Ah, I LUV' the Smell 'O Ethanol in the Morning!

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