Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bad Arse' Justin Wilson Races On...

Justin Wilson with fellow drivers Oriel Servia and Scott Dixon. (Image source: Marshall Pruett/
Like the band Kansas once sung: "We're Only Dust in the Wind." While we all know that saying about Only the Good Die Young...

As we've A-L-L heard repeatedly since his death, Justin Wilson was the nicest guy in the paddock, while Tony Kanaan mentioned on Trackside with Kevin & Cavin how everybody becomes a Saint after they die, but it's easy to Gush over how wonderful of a person Justin was - because its True!

And whilst I've truly enjoyed Robin Miller's pieces upon BAD ARSE' JW! I've just come away crying, and then laughing out loud over Marshall Pruett's  excellent article upon befriending the BAD ARSE!

As I laughed myself silly over Pruett's wickedness on bringing JW' a ton 'O Nasty Chocolates while in Hospital!

And as we should know how inherently dangerous A-L-L forms of motorsports are, and suffice it to say, there can never be a truly 100% safe racecar. Nonetheless, Justin like everyone on the IndyCar grid were not only totally aware of that, but also had long before come  to terms with it.

Yet I cannot help marveling over Justin's never faltering attitude towards racing, and more importantly life. Which Curt Cavin does an excellent job describing in;

And A-L-L I could say to myself was, what an amazing "Stand Up Guy!" Tony Kanaan is! As he was a total breath of fresh air upon Trackside with Kevin & Cavin Tuesday night  with insightful answers upon the subject of racing and why as drivers they do it...

While I found 'Ol R's (Robin Millers) eulogy - for lack 'O better words to be an excellent description of Justin Wilson, the person.

And like Tony Kanaan said on Trackside; if we're gonna talk about how good of a person Justin Wilson was, then we're gonna need the whole night!

Wilson Children's Fund
Lastly, for those of you interested, a fund has been established for Justin & Julia's two daughters; Jane & Jessica, for which you can contribute at;

Wilson Children's Fund

c/o Forum Credit Union
PO Box 50738
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0738

While don't know if the following website will add any more information  - or be of interest...

Arrivederci BAD ARSE' Justin!