Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Live from thee Big Island!

CRIKEYS MATES! Didn't he just supposedly come off a few weeks respite from slaving away at Zed Keyboards? I mean like is this dude in a perpetual winter's slumber or what? As perhaps he's been consumin' too much of that Eggnog stuff, eh?

As alas, your humble No Fenders scribe should by now be firmly ensconced in the life 'O luxury upon the B-I-G island, a.k.a. Kona, Hawaii where he's been forced to go upon another winter retreat - firmly looking forward to sitting in my favourite book listening nook upon thee trusty chaise recliner with headphones on and some beverage of choice, anythingy but those little Teaky-Teaky umbrella drinkies; Hya! As hopefully the beach will be in this time...

thus just wanted to let Y'all know that posting may be a tad bit sparse whilst head No Fenders scribe is away continuing to recharge his batteries during the supposed 'Off-peak Downtime of the winter's Off-season break from motorsports activities. Since as always, I'm trying to start the year  off slowly to conserve my energies towards the fast  approaching 2014 racing season.

Otay, Surf's Up! Gotta run; Err walk upon the beach and NOT step on any of my Green Sea Turtle buddies...

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