Friday, January 10, 2014

Schuey's prognosis improves?

There are some reports that Michael Schumacher's life threatening situation has improved slightly since his first two operations to relieve brain swelling, etc while the German ex-Formula 1 ace still lies in an artificially induced coma in Grenoble University Hospital.

Meanwhile, Michael's wife Corina has made her first public statement by asking for the international media to go home, leave the doctors alone in order to do their jobs and respect the privacy of her family...

Schumacher's wife Corina pleads with media to leave them alone

And although I've never been a fan 'O David "Square Jaw" Coulthard for many reasons from the mundane of being one of Schuey's fierce rivals to his overly slick Corporate Speak attitude today, including his atrocious handling of the Greenpeace caper in Spa last year, nevertheless I did enjoy the following story penned by him which seemed to be a pretty "Fair & Balanced" assessment of his time competing against Michael...

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