Monday, July 23, 2012

Word Up!

This made me crack up when reading I-T Friday afternoon, as it was Trackside Online crack reporter teaching me some new fangled slang in regards to current No Fenders No. 1 BAD boy RHR...

Patrick Stefan:
"Digitus medius"

As according to Patrick, this is what BULLY-RAY! Displayed whilst giving James Jakes a gentle push into the weeds; Aye Karumba! And thanxs to IMS Radio Network’s Davey Hamilton for reminding me that apparently this isn’t the first time ‘BullyRay has displayed his "digitus medius" at Edmonton, as Davey & Mike “Yippee-Aye-Eh!” King reminisced over RHR saluting Takuma Sato Up North Eh! Hmm? Wonder if it was the same ‘Qualie session when RHR was an Ugly American to Servia...

But as Patrick later pointed out, may be, just may be? ‘BullyRay might wish to seek out Will Power for instructions upon how to properly give the Byrd; Hya!