Monday, July 16, 2012

‘Kroc Hunters

Its funny how much your noggin can be bumping around - even on what you’ve told yourself will be a quiet Sunday away from le Confuzer... As I sat down to watch the day’s coverage of the Moto GP Boyz from Italy’s Mugello circuit, which featured an all Spanish front-row... Yet with two of my favourite riders languishing towards the tail end of the grid, including reigning ‘Aussie world champion Casey Stoner adrift in P9 - I found my attention span wavering and decided to see if the Tour de Farce was on the Tellie?

I managed to switch over during the last moments of the Stage-14’s final kilometers - with the announcers babbling on ‘bout how Caddel Evans was suffering a horrible race, having to stop for three tyre changes... As apparently some Hooligans had thrown tacks onto the road, causing multiple riders to suffer tyre punctures... A scene surreptitiously reminiscent of ‘RASSCAR Junior Nation Yeahoo’s throwing bottles on-track at Jeffery “Pretty-boy Floyd” Gordon; CRIKEYS!

Thus Evans, who like Stoner is the defending champion - both seemingly see their title defenses slipping away, whilst fortunately another ‘Oz talent sees his 2012 campaign headed right-side up, albeit just nearing the halfway portion of the F1 calendar, with Australia’s IndyCar title favourite finding himself suddenly trailing an unpredicted ‘Yank contender.

Then after the Moto GP race I was surprised to hear them talking about ‘Ol JV, you know the dude who recently punted Princess off track during the Double-wide; Err Nationwide race at Road America... As I was surprised to see Jacques Villeneuve racing Down Under at Townsville, although SPEED’s Australian V8 Supercars coverage is tape delayed by one week... As my mind wandered off course after hearing that Jacques had pulled off a disco move a la ‘TK Follow-your-Schnoz Kanaan by passing five cars on the first lap of Race-1; as Villeneuve was filling in for the injured Greg Murphy who’s recovering from a back injury currently...

And although I did indeed watch the entire three hours of the British Grand Prix replay last Tuesday without letting my mind wander... I didn’t scribble ‘bout it for several reasons, most notably I found it a fairly processional event as I didn’t look forward to that smarmy Spaniard winning Wire-to-Wire; Aye Karumba!

Therefore I shouted out in glee a great amount of relief after chanting Get ‘Em Webber at the Tellie! As by now Y’all know that ‘Aussie Mark ‘Handlebarz Webber passed Fred Alonso for the lead at Silverstone with 4-laps remaining and went onto win his second race of the year. As Webber now trails Alonso by 13-points in the title fight with eleven rounds remaining.

And since I was on ‘KanaDuh’s opposite coast during the Toronto weekend, and even if I did have television access - I’m certain it woulda been Bloody Hard to find the TV coverage which I’m told is abysmal Up North Eh! Therefore I missed the race and was subsequently lambasted for not even caring to find out the winner for 24hrs prior to another riveting Trackside with Kevin & Cavin radio show...

For a brutally honest assessment of this year’s Toronto Indy Car Series race see; Meesh’s  very forthright and excellent opinion towards her home race in: Ok Toronto, Time to Step It Up

Therefore I don’t really know what happened to previous points leader Will Power other than apparently he played bumpercarz with Joseph Newgarden, who may have had assistance from an uncharacteristically blocking “Symone Pagenoe.” (Simon Pagenaud) As apparently this coming together caused Power’s front wing to crumple and eventually sent him rollerskating into the Kitty litter...

Thus Power now finds himself chasing an unexpected three in-a-row winner from Andretti Autosport named ‘BULLY-RAY! (Ryan Hunter-Reay) By 34-points with five rounds remaining, as hopefully Power will return to his winning ways - which he first did so Up North Eh! Way back when at Edmonton in a yellow & blue Penske Truck Rentals liveried machine three years ago - as Edmonton’s up next in what I believe is its final year of its current contract... 

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