Monday, July 9, 2012

Red, white ‘N bleu - why can’t Indy host an Eco-500?

As us ‘Yanks bask in the afterglow ‘O another fourth ‘O July... Isn’t it funny how we’re constantly being bamboozled ‘bout having to GO GREEN - but have you noticed how much garbage is littering your streets, neighborhood, community, etc after the fourth? I mean talk ‘bout pollution, as how much garbage was created in the detonating ‘O zillions of fireworks big ‘N small? Not to mention what does the discharging of cubic tons of gunpowder do to the environment?

Now, don’t fret, I’m not trying to go all tree huggin, granola chewin, Birkenstocks Oregonian on Yuhs - just seemed like the opportune time to get this festerin’ story off ‘O my chest and release it into the Internetz wylds, eh?

As the following F3 racecar project was  initially brought to my attention by Austin Bureau Chief Clyde back in late March - as I find it despicable of how much our Mainstream media shields us from... After finding said F3 racecar I was shocked to discover that the vehicle had actually been built in 2009 - as in like three FREAKIN’ years ago... Yet I’d never heard of I-T!

Uhm, so just what is the vehicle in question I’m talking about? ‘Whale I’ve dubbed it thee Chocolate-mobile...  As this F3 racecar is the type of GREEN vehicle dynamics we need to see more of, as I personally have mixed emotions over the mainstream push for hybrid power... As don’t get me wrong, I like the technology; BUTT! Why doesn’t ANYBODY talk about the humongous destruction caused to nature over the mining of lithium?

But back to our Choc-oe Mobile which I’m struggling to find any current info upon - as this ‘Uber innovative racing car utilizes such novel items  as a steering wheel formed out of carrot pulp waste, potato wings, recycled plastic bottle sidepods and le piece de la resistance... A two-liter BMW diesel motor capable of running on either chocolate or vegetable oil waste - as the “shocko-latte waste comes from the esteemed firm Cadbury. Uhm-uhm GOOD!

And although the unique F3 racer did indeed finally take to the track, unfortunately it wasn’t able to compete in its Brands Hatch event due to some sorta paperwork miscue, whilst the vehicle isn’t eligible for regular Formula 3 competition since they don’t allow the usage of alternative fuels; SHEISA! As reportedly the car was just 0.2-seconds off of pole time and perhaps said racing series are afraid of being dusted off by a 160mph chocolate-mobile?

And I’m not the first to come up with the idea, nor will I be the last, as ‘Ol TK; NOT ‘TK Follow-your-Schnoz” Kanaan, but Tommy Kendall broached the subject recently whilst on Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain - about requiring everybody to run the Indy 500 on five gallons of fuel whilst discussing the merits of the radical Delta Wing at Le Mans...

To which I say why not make Mother Speedway the bastion of innovation once again by letting anybody run-watchya-brung, albeit being based upon future technology in the form of hyper-mileage vehicles, including bio-fuels, deep-fryer waste, Butanol, (which is currently run in the ALMS) hydrogen fuel cells, etc - as all vehicles entered must use alternative energy sources not including ethanol, gasoline or diesel as the primary fuel source. (Although they could be blended with the various cellulosic fuels...)

As after all Indianapolis was originally envisioned as an automobile proving ground and what better way to return the race to its former glory of true innovation... And if this is too detrimental to thee Brickyard’s prestige then how ‘bout running the Eco-500 at Fontana instead, as after all California is noted for having the toughest vehicle emission standards on the planet...