Monday, November 28, 2011

Webber Breaks thru the Sebastian Logjam

Poor ‘Handlebarz! As Mark Webber’s win yesterday in the Brazilian Grand Prix seemed almost anti-climatic to Mwah... Although I was happy to see the True Grit ‘Aussie score his first F1 victory of the season and first “W” since last year’s Hunga-boring (Hungaroring) GP.

Yet, even Webber seemed less then thrilled with his victory - which surely was aided by Master ‘Zebb’s (Vettel) apparent Gearbox problema, as the Australian seemed overly terse with his victory in-car radio transmission on the cool down lap. Hmm? Perhaps I’m reading too much into this? You Make the Call!

As surely ‘JENSE, “Fredrico” ‘JAGUAR and the resta duh F1 Grid is wondering how in the HE-LL are they supposed to beat the young German, who simply cruises home runner-up with a maligned Gearbox - even wryly commenting during the race how it reminds him of ‘I Airton! (Ayrton Senna) who won the Brazilian Grand Prix 20yrs ago with his McLaren “Slushbox” missing three gears!

Yet you haveda wonder, Err marvel at Vettel’s seemingly limitless talents even further as I can understand Bruno Senna blowing up his Gearbox, but what gives with Lewis Hamilton’s? I mean how come the Brit’s box simply went ‘KUHBLAMOE! Giving the Englishman a box full ‘O neutral’s whilst Vettel serenely traipsed home P2 - with ‘JENSE (Button) securing runner-up in the Drivers title-fight with a fine third place finish after once again re-passing la Scuderia’s (Ferrari) “Fredrico Suave,” (Fernando Alonso) with Webber’s victory garnering him third in the Drivers fight - one point ahead of Alonso...