Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Lurkey Day!

Whale, if you’re Humble Scribe has figured out how to Post his fastazimaly FAN-tastic ‘N Riveting Blog Posts remotely??? Then thru the wonders ‘O Computer Technology Yuhs should be receiving this ‘lil Holidaze (Cheer) transmission - wait-for-it... Whale as Arlo Gutherie sez in the renowned Alice’s Restaurant; we’re just waiting for it to come back ‘round... Uh, keep waiting Folks; Hya! As DAMN! This means that  I’ll NOT be able to hear that most time honoured tradition of Alice’s Restaurant being played over the Seattle Airwaves  at high noon today; SHEISA!

And somehow, I’ve got a feeling... Xx@%z86! Oh What a Feeling??? That my Aeroplane dinner won’t be nearly as tasty as the traditional Turkey Lurkey faire I’m usually invited to, eh? So perhaps I’d better go stock up on some vino from the selected vintner’s I scribbled ‘bout previously in; Speedy Vintner’s

Happy Turkey Lurkey Y’all!