Monday, November 14, 2011

Davey Hamilton - Postscript (Con’t)

And although I’d originally scribbled previously in Part 1 that it appeared Messer Hamilton wouldn’t make the cut as part of Tony G’s bumbling Vision Racing Squad’s ’08 I500 plans - I was happily corrected, to which I eluded to in; Hamilton’s Vision. (‘Circa 2008)

As we all know now, Davey did indeed continue his Indy 500 renaissance that year by once again competing at the Speedway aboard then IRL CEO Tony George’s No. 22 HP/KR/Vision entry. As Davey started P18 and finished 14th; while obviously tony’s Step-son ‘FAST EDDIE, aka Ed Carpenter was the highest placed starter of the Vision Racing trio - qualifying his No. 20 Menards/Vision entry tenth, along  with being the highest place finisher - winding up fifth. While the third Hombre of this flotilla of Vision cars was ‘QUATTRO, nee A.J. Foyt IV whose (Lily Diabetes) Eli Lily’s-mobile rolled off from the inside of the final row in P31 and finished 21st. 

For 2009, Hamilton moved to Dreyer & Reinbold Racing and was part of DRR’s growing  Big Top four car armada for the Month of May, Err two weeks of May with the team being unofficially split into two camps, i.e.; The Lady & The ‘Wookie... (Brit-Rookie) and the OLD Salts, Err seasoned veterans; Hya! As these ‘Boyz were that year’s elder Statesmen at the Speedway...

Dreyer & Reinbold Indy 500 Entries
Car #      Driver/Sponsor
No. 23  Milka Duno/CITGO
No. 24  R-Mike Conway/Purex
No. 43  Davey Hamilton/HP
No. 44  John Andretti*/Window World
(* = Richard Petty Motorsports in association w/DRR)

Hamilton was the lone DRR entrant to qualify during the first weekend when he put his Dallara racecar P22 - with the other three cars looking tenuous at best , all being down on speed.

As all I seem to remember is Davey being interviewed ‘bout the team’s woes and  saying he didn’t need to tell John anything - he’s a seasoned Pro who knows how to get around here... As I recall clapping, hooting ‘N hollerin’ when John bumped his way in at 5:52PM on his third and final attempt of “Boomp Day,” with ‘BULLY-Ray (R. Hunter-Reay) barely qualifying the IZOD/Vision Racing entry in the waning moments by bumping out rookie Alex Tagliani just prior to the six O’clock gun being fired!

Rookie Mike Conway qualified on the outside of Row-9 in P27, while ‘Milkalicious decided to withdraw her time and requalify on Sunday - having shocked everyone by finding 3mph in practice before comfortably qualifying 30th, for her third I500...

Yet Davey was the first ‘N lone car out at Dreyer & Reinbold

Classified P29 with contact on lap-79; while his veteran teammate John Andretti was the final car on the lead lap (L200) and finished 20th overall.

Milka Duno ‘Wandered-her-way in-between a DRR Ménage à trois sandwich of Andretti and Mike Conway by finishing P19 - in actually what would become her best finish at the Speedway, only 1-lap down. And Conway was the team’s highest finisher - keeping his nose clean in the Purex car the whole day and crossing the stripe 18th.

In 2010, once again Davey was on the move, this time teaming up with gil De Ferran’s fledgling De Ferran Dragon Racing team, as Y’all recall when it suddenly became Gil’s team with Jay Penske and Steve Luczo moving into the background...

As Davey joined Luczo Dragon De Ferran Racing’s primary driver Raphael Matos, albeit this time announcing a three race deal - beginning with Indianapolis, then Texas - the sight of his monstrous crash and Chicagoland.

Hamilton qualified his HP ‘Calladrocious No. 21 entry 14th, with ‘RAFA lining up 12th for the De Ferran Squadra. Yet it was all for naught - as this was the year that Hamilton would publicly call Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter an IDIOT! After the duo were involved in a lap-1 incident which Davey claimed was his second ever worst day in racing; and we all know what was number one... Hamilton went on to say that’s Scheckter for you, he does IT every year and gets away with IT! Hmm? NO Christmas Cards for Tomas I guess? Hee-hee-hee...

Meanwhile Davey’s younger teammate Raphael was busy dashing Hamilton’s next race plans, as first the crew forgot to attach all four wheels during a Pitstop and then Matos smacked the wall on lap-73, as I believe the damage was sufficient enough to cause DFR to use Hamilton’s car at Texas the week following...

Hamilton did compete for DFR at Chicagoland though, albeit qualifying on the very last row in 28th alongside last place’s Jay Howard *P29) in the sister Sarah Fisher Racing entry... And according to the ‘DAWG’s (pressdog) in-duh-house race report - Hamilton was a NON-factor all night, being inhaled by Sarah Fisher twice before finishing a quiet 18th.

For 2011; Yep, you guessed it! Davey was on the run again, as De Ferran Dragon Racing ultimately cratered - although being brought back from the ashes in the reincarnated guise of Dragon Racing - hence Hamilton pitched his wares once again with buddies Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl - as part of the Dryer & Reinbold Racing team, in another 3-race ‘Dealio; this time Indy, Texas and Los Vegas.

Hamilton qualified his No. 11 HP-mobile a respectable 15th, and then soldiered home to a 24th place finish, albeit 7-laps behind the winner. As I don’t know ‘nuttin ‘bout the TEXARSE Jokem Twinner’s - as I was off somewheres??? And didn’t feel inclined to record the night’s silly-arse marketing fiesta... Although it’s symbiotic that Davey finally returned to the track that nearly took his feet a decade earlier!

Meanwhile, in February of 2010 - Davey’s growing portfolio of properties increased  when he and his Indy Racing Experience co-horts: Scott Jasek, Joe Kennedy and Jeff Sinden purchased the Indianapolis-based Menard Engine Group (MEG) from founder John Menard - which I have NO idea if Menard Competition Technology (MCT) is part of this acquisition? As MCT is/was responsible for the manufacture of the One-make Superleague Formula’s 4.2-liter normally aspirated 750bhp V-12 ‘lumps...

And Hamilton is still actively involved in the Terre Haute  Action Track; of which he’s a co-owner of - along with his Davey Hamilton Racing operations, which includes Winged Sprint cars and a Firestone Indy Lights team - which primary driver Brandon Wagner won the last year’s season finale at Homestead, where DHR fielded a second entry to promising Dirt Car rookie Henry Clarke - in what appears to be a “One-off” effort. As I’d personally like to see the ex-Motorcross rookie back in the cockpit, albeit I’m sure it’s a funding issue... While I have NO idea if Davey will race at Indy next year or not? As I guess it’d be a good way to celebrate his big 5-Oh B-Day, eh? Which will occur on June 13, 2012!

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