Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Talladega Nights

Whale, I suppose there will be more blather about the various Open Wheel refuges makin’ dare Super Speedway debuts then the actual Nextel Cup race.

Apparently RASSCAR Official have seen ‘nuff wire transfers to promote Jacques Villeneuve to “Big Boyzs” status, as “Jack Vanilla” was originally scheduled to rub fenders with Scott “Nose” Speed in the ARCA event as well as contest the Craftsman Trucks event. But Jackie V will now run the NCTS event prior to joining MAC Montoya in the Cup race in the Bill Davis Toy-yoter’

And if Scott Speed gets buckled up in time he’ll take his chances on the high banks of Talladega…

While I didn’t get up in time to watch the Really-Really-Really Big announcement scheduled at 10:30AM EDT live on SPEED (Which is 7:30AM out here on the West coast) from “Cheep” Ganassi’s N. Carolina headquarters.

It seems indicative that “Half Gainer” Dario (Franchitti) will indeed be announced as a bonnafied TCGR employee set to ply his trade in the RASSCAR waters alongside Montoya beginning in 2008. (Under a five year contract)

Franchitti was originally scheduled to be busy competing at Road Atlanta in the Petit Le Mans 1000K this weekend aboard former team Andretti Green Racing’s Acura L MP2entry.

But AGR quietly announced the releasing of the Flying Scot from his contract that expired on December 1st yesterday in order to allow Dario to move to Ganassi’s growing stable of Open Wheel drivers turnin’ left.

Franchitti will now join Scott Speed in the ARCA Remax race at Talladega this weekend as his baptism under fire will see a rapid immersion in the Stock Car universe in preparation for his Sprint Cup debut at Daytona next February…

Funny, but there hasn’t been any talk about Sam Hornish Jr. trying to qualify for his first race at Talladega, nor whether Buddy “Soprano” Lazier will be runnin’ another Truck race that weekend. Kinda scary how the Open Wheel community’s brightest star of the moment is Helio “Dancin’ Shoes” Castroneves who’s busy hangin’ out with Mr. Los Vegas.

And perhaps a roof over Dario’s helmet is a good thing…