Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super Aguri dumping Honda?

Although a little late, it was tough watching “Jense” get passed by Taku-san going uphill during the Belgian Grand Prix. Talk about how the mighty have fallen! As the Honda factory team was once again out performed by the minuscule “Super Best friends Which is tough for me since I enjoy seeing the little minnow beat up on its Big Brother, but an disappointed to see Jense struggling so mightily!

Perhaps this is why its NOT surprising that Super Aguri has announced that they have NO intentions of running the woefully anemic RA107 in 2008 guise as the teams SA08 chassis, instead focusing upon developing their own race car next season. This comes on the heels of cyberspace rumours of Honda scuttling Super Aguri’s true performance at Spa!

But wait, I thought next year was the beginning of legalized chassis cloning. Hence Honda would build four chassis for use by its two racing teams.

Meanwhile Aguri Suzuki continues looking for possible suitors to become partners of his financially struggling F1 team. With rumours claiming that prior to the Japanese Grand Prix there were four potential bidders interested in buying a portion of the team.

And although I couldn’t find any information prior to watching the Chinese Grand Prix, SPEED’s bob Varsha mentioned on two separate days that a “Mysterious”
(Chinese?) Businessman had invested substantial capital to buy shares of Super Aguri. If the rumours are correct, then perhaps an announcement will be forthcoming at the Brazilian Grand Prix?