Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alonso toys with Team managers

Geez! Perhaps it’s just me? But I’m getting a bit tired of all of the bleepin’ salivating over where Alonso will land next season, as the War of Words continues between “Ferdi the Putz and Louise Jaguar Hamilton on” whom should stay and who should go.

And I can tell yuh that the Ronster is firmly in favour of prodigy Hamilton staying, which means either Alonso will stomach out the rest of his contract or depart for another team prior to the 2008 Season.

And I just CANNOT believe all the speculation over Alonso going to Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, replacing Felipe Massa and becoming Kimi Raikkonen’s teammate… Do you really think Alonso would wish to go to Maranello where currently both drivers have “EQUAL” status.

Nope, to me the most logical seat for Ferdi will be back with his ‘ol lightning rod Flavour Flav at Renault as Giancarlo Fisichella’s replacement.

And I’m really getting fed up with Emperor Bernardo stating that Alonso may sit out next season in order to go to Ferrari in 2009, which seems overly preposterous to me. Given the fact that Spain will be hosting two grand Prix’s for the very first time in history next year Err, excuse me Mr. Promoter, Fernando cannot come out ‘N play!

And I doubt that Alonso will be interested in going to Toyota as Ralfanso’s replacement, since I suspect Ferdi is keen to reclaim his Driver’s crown, unless he’s more interested in how much Yen he can pilfer from Toyota’s piggy bank, eh?